Employee Manual Software
Including Sample Employment Policies

You will hear me continue to repeat that the only time you need Employee Manual Software, is if you intend to stay in business!

With employee law suites averaging hundreds or thousands of dollars it is just crazy to leave yourself wide open to just that.

Just some of the reasons employers are being successfully sued is because they didn't have enforced policies on sexual harassment, attendance, smoking, probationary periods, drug and alcohol, etc.

As an example without a sexual harassment policy that is enforced an employee that is sexually harassed can easily prove that their employer did not protect them opening you up to a large law suit.

Standard Legals Employee Manual Software takes the guess work out of the equation. They walk you through the process of writing an employee handbook easily.

Employee Manual Software

You've arrived at this site because you're looking for information on employee manual software!

$500,000 to over $1,000,000!

That is the average award of law suits for certain types of employment disputes, such as sexual harassment and discrimination!

If that isn't incentive enough to get your hands on a great employee manual software program I don't know what is!

I personally like Standard Legal! They have a program that will match whatever your need is!

I've been in the business for more than thirty-five years and I do know what I'm talking about!

I don't care if you're in a Right to Work State or not, you better give great consideration to having Employee Policies written out and available to your staff.

It takes the guess work out of it for your employees and will act as evidence that you have informed them if it goes to a legal proceeding.

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Just as an example, do your employees know your attendance policy?

How many times can an employee call in sick before they will receive some type of discipline? What is that discipline? What happens if it continues?

What constitutes being late? One second, or thirty minutes! What if they bring in a valid excuse? What is a valid excuse?

If they do call in sick do they need a doctor's note? How many days can they miss before they need a doctor's excuse? What should the doctor be verifying? That the individual was sick or that they are cleared to come back to work?

If they are sick and can't work what number do they call? Who should they call? Can they just leave a message or do they need to talk with someone personally? Can someone else call in for them? How early should they call? What if they call after their scheduled start time?

As you can see having employee manual software that has been prepared by professionals, generally attorneys, is a great tool to help you write some of these policies! It will help you consider things that you probably wouldn't have considered without it!

Standard Legal has done just that! Prepared by professionals in employment law! They have software programs for every level within the business. Written just for attorneys or Human Resource professionals to people no different than me and you.

They offer many extras such as the required posters for every state! By the way if you haven't posted your federally required posters you better get them up soon!

If you want them to write the Employee Policies for you they will do that also!

They have everything from an attorney referral program to answering some basic questions on how the program works.

Standard Legal has truly simplified the process of writing an Employee Policy Manual for you at a price that is affordable!

Are you also aware that you are required to have certain policies such as, a sexual harassment policy that provides employees information on who they should report sexual harassment to? If you're from California you better become familiar with AB 1825 as soon as possible! There are plenty of training requirements that you better know and apply quickly.

How about a policy on discrimination? Do you think you need one?

What if a supervisor or manager crosses the line? Have you trained them properly on what that line is?

Standard Legal has the experience in writing Employment Policies that will make it clear and concise for your staff while meeting the legal requirements, and for all states.

I have been to countless unemployment hearings and undergone EEOC complaints. I have been successful in every case! Now understand that it is more than just having an employment policy that covers the area of concern, but it is the foundation that made it all happen!

In my opinion the best employee manual software is Standard Legal! Check them out for yourself!

Whether you choose them or a different software program, make sure you put together a solid employee policy manual!

Although I have purchased a copy for myself I must inform you as a form of disclosure that I do receive a commission in the event someone purchases their software. Understand that I would never recommend this software on my website if I didn’t feel it was a great software.

Sample Employee Manual Policy on a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

(Name of Company) is proud of their long standing reputation on a Drug and Alcohol Free environment and have a NO TOLERANCE Policy on the use or influence of any Drug and/or Alcohol.

Reporting to the workplace possessing or under the influence of a drug or alcohol, no matter what the amount or intoxication level is, will be grounds for immediate termination.

Individuals that demonstrate that they may be under the influence of a drug or alcohol will be removed from the workplace for safety reasons. It requires a minimum of two management employees to determine if the employee is demonstrating unsafe behavior, unless two are not available within a reasonable amount of time. In addition, at the company’s expense, transportation will be provided to those individuals to insure they arrive to their home safely. If the employee has any leave balance they can apply it toward this time taken.

Should an employee wish to confirm they are not intoxicated they can voluntarily subject themselves to a blood screening, at the company’s expense. If the blood screening comes back showing any level of intoxication the employee is subject to immediate termination.

Should an employee be removed from the workplace more than two times within a twelve month rolling calendar for safety reasons, they may be subject to immediate termination.

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Absent Periods

The following information on an employee manual software policy can be modified in any way that fits your company's policy. The bottom line is to tailor it in a way that meets your needs provided it doesn't discriminate.

The other important factor is to always be fair and consistent when enforcing this policy or any policy that you produce with your employee manual software.

At (Name of Company) good attendance is a critical part of our being a successful organization; therefore, we take attendance very seriously.

You will be permitted only four excused unscheduled absent periods within a twelve month rolling calendar period. If you exceed four or more excused absent periods within a twelve month rolling calendar period (Name of Company) will initiate disciplinary action. Note: Someone that has been approved for any federal or state regulatory programs, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, will not be considered an absent period under this policy only for that approved leave.

An excused unscheduled absent period is defined by you being assigned a scheduled shift and then prior to that scheduled shift you notify someone in a supervisory role that you are not able to attend as scheduled. All scheduled shifts are prepared and posted two weeks prior to that scheduled shift. In the event you have an event more than two weeks away and desire to be excused from your scheduled shift, you must make arrangements with your supervisor. All excused absent periods that are approved more than two weeks out will not be considered part of the excused unscheduled absent periods. Examples of an excused absent period that will not be considered part of the four absent periods in a year would be scheduled vacation or scheduled medical appointments.

An unexcused absent period is any absent period that was not approved by your supervisor under the conditions of employment. Any unexcused absent period may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Any time you have an absent period where you did not notify a supervisor prior to your scheduled shift, except for when there are extraordinary circumstances, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. This type of absent period is considered a “No Call – No Show”. Each and every day that an employee has a “No Call – No Show” they will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Three “No Call – No Shows” may result in immediate termination.

Failure to report to work on time and ready to begin your scheduled shift may result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Pay Periods

(Name of Company) pays all employees on a weekly basis for time worked in the previous pay period. A Pay Period consists of time worked beginning at 12:01 a.m.(one minute past midnight) on Sunday and ending at 12:00 a.m. midnight on the very next Saturday. For pay period purposes to be included in this week an employee’s shift that begins in a pay period will be paid in that pay period, even if it ends in a different pay period.

If there are any discrepancies in a payroll check involving hours worked or pay per hour either, negative or positive, identified by (Name of Company) or employee that amount to more than $25 an new payroll check will be issued with the correction within twenty-four hours. If the discrepancy was a negative amount and the employee has already deposited/cashed the original payroll check the difference in pay will be deducted from the employees next payroll check.

For all other pay (examples; car allowance, travel, reimbursements, education) not associated with time worked a separate check will be issued within one week following (Name of Company) receiving all the necessary documents from the employee.

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Tardy

At (Name of Company) good attendance is a critical part of our being a successful organization; therefore, we take attendance very seriously, which includes reporting to work and ready to begin on or before your scheduled shift.

Being Tardy is defined by not being ready to begin work on or before your scheduled shift begins.

Being ready to work is defined by being in the proper clean uniform, good personal hygiene, and alert.

If you are not able to report to work as stated above prior to the beginning of your scheduled shift it is important that you notify someone in a supervisory role; however, this does not necessarily mean that you are excused from your responsibility to report on time. Each situation will be determined on a case by case basis.

Failure to report to work on time and ready to begin your scheduled shift may result in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Progressive Discipline

Using your employee manual software to write what I would consider one of the most important policies your company needs is just simply smart. Your progressive discipline policy sets the stage for all other policies you develop with your employee manual software.

(Name of Company) supports a progressive discipline policy that allows an employee an opportunity to understand and improve in whatever area they are falling short in, whether behavior or performance. This policy pertains to employees that have successfully passed their probationary period.

However, there are certain behaviors that will bypass (Name of Company) progressive disciplinary policy and result in immediate termination. Although an all inclusive list can’t be made describing every possible behavior that could result in immediate termination a list has been created and is included in a separate policy. Note also that it is (Name of Company) right provided it is legal under the current state and federal law to terminate an employee for any reason, or no reason at all.

In addition, more serious behavior or performance issues may bypass the earlier stages of (Name of Company) progressive discipline policy and result in an immediate written warning. An example of this may be less serious forms of sexual harassment or discrimination.

Progressive discipline means exactly that, it begins with the least amount of discipline for poor behavior or performance and should it continue will steadily progress until a decision to possibly terminate an employee will be made.

Here is a list of disciplinary actions from least to most severe that can be issued to an employee. Note that if an employee’s first disciplinary action is a written warning (identified as first or second) it will continue progressing toward termination and not go back to a lesser form of discipline. (Example if an employee is issued a written warning for a less severe form of sexual harassment that has been identified as a 2nd written warning they are entitled to only one more written warning before a decision to possibly terminate that employee is made.)

It should also be noted that any form of disciplinary action will remain in the employees personnel file and may be considered for any future disciplinary action for the entire time an employee is an active member of our company. However, in most cases prior disciplinary actions will only be considered if they are less than twelve months old.


1st Written Warning

2nd Written Warning

3rd Written Warning and possible Termination

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Probationary Period

(Name of Company) has a three month probationary period to evaluate if an employee is a good fit for our organization, or if they are better suited in a different environment outside of our company.

During that probationary period an employee must successfully complete all required orientation training and be performing and behaving in a positive manner.

During this probationary period an employee can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all, at the full discretion of (Name of Company).

Sample Employee Manual Software Policy on Termination

One extremely hard challenge that no one enjoys is letting an employee go. What can relive some of that anxiety is using your employee manual software to explain what type of offenses will result in possible termination.

(Name of Company) understands that poor behavior or performance can lead to termination. We also understand that even though currently our company is doing well financially there may come a time when that is not the case and employment decisions will be required.

(Name of Company) always maintains the right to make employment decisions based on the current federal and state law that are in the best interests of the company.

It is impossible to list all circumstances that may result in an employee’s termination so the following list is not all inclusive.

Termination during a probationary period

Lay Off due to downsizing


Fighting of any kind

Unable to report to work due to incarceration

Under the influence of drugs or alcohol or the possession of either one at the workplace

Possession of a deadly weapon at the workplace

Illegal behavior protected under the federal and state law such as sexual harassment or discrimination

Illegal behavior in the workplace under the federal or state law such as gambling

Threatening employees

Three days of “No Call – No Show”

Termination in accordance with the progressive disciplinary policy

Misuse of company property for personal gain

Serious safety violations

Remember this list is not all inclusive, and it is (Name of Company) right provided it is legal under the current federal and state law to terminate an employee for any reason, or no reason at all.

Employee Manual Software Produced Employee Surveillance Policy

If you video tape activity within your small business it is wise to use an employee manual software to produce an employee surveillance policy for your employee handbook. I would insure that they are made aware that they may be videotaped except in private areas like a restroom or anyplace they may disrobe. I would also state the purpose of the videotaping so that it is clear. As an example in Las Vegas it is no secret that there is a videotape over every single table. This not only is for insuring customers are not cheating, it is also to make sure the employee is not in on it.

Many retail stores videotape the activity and may never actually view it unless there is a criminal activity. This criminal activity does not necessarily only involve someone robbing the store. It may include the possibility of an employee stealing. Many times these stores are staffed by only one or two employees during the late hours. This gives them a perfect opportunity to steal if they are so inclined to do so. By making them aware that they are potentially being recorded twenty-four hours a day it may act as a deterrent.

Employee Manual Software - When you videotape parking areas…

Another possibility is that should be included in your employee surveillance policy is when you videotape parking areas. Many places feel that videotaping their parking area will help again with criminal activity. However, what if you have employees hanging out during working hours? What if they are doing something against company rules? Once you use your employee manual software to produce your employee surveillance policy it may need to point out that the use of the videotape may be used as evidence for disciplinary actions. Of course you will need to make sure that your state law allows for this.

Of course the quality of the video will make a significant difference in whether you want to use it for evidence in an employee disciplinary action. Your employee handbook should indicate this. On the other hand I would consider only using the video for purposes of criminal activity. This would either be for customers or employees. Using the video for non criminal activity can grow legs and become bigger than you want it go become. For disciplinary actions it is best to do it the old fashion way and visually see something or have some other type of evidence to substantiate the activity.

Employee Manual Software - This must be reviewed with your employees at the time of hiring…

Your employee manual software along with all the employment policies, including an employee surveillance policy, must be reviewed with your employees at the time of hiring. I would also review the employee handbook every year. As important is making sure they sign acknowledging that they have received a copy and it has been reviewed with them. I would keep this acknowledgment in their personnel file for as long as they are employed at your business.

Creating an Employee Sick Policy Using an Employee Manual Software

Before creating an employee sick policy please consider a number of potential possibilities. There is no question that employees that have significant numbers of unscheduled absences effect the business environment. It not only affects the actual day they are out but in some cases the affects last longer. As an example if an employee misses too much time and nothing is done, the other employees begin to question management and the employee themselves. They may even confront the employee in an aggressive way causing even more issues. To avoid this you must carefully consider what you will tolerate as it relates to sick leave within your employee handbook.

We here at the Good Leadership Skills website recognize that the entire reason you hire someone is to have them there to perform a task. If they are not there it doesn't matter how well the employee can perform the task when they are. It simply will not get done, or it will force you to adjust your original plan. This may cause you to have to incur over time, call someone in that was scheduled off, redirect someone that was doing something else, and many other potential choices. All which mean that your normal business day is disrupted.

Employee Manual Software - You're employee sick policy should capture…

Now it is a given that eventually everyone will be sick incurring and unscheduled absence period. However, you're employee sick policy should capture what happens to those that exceed the normal amount of allowable unscheduled absence periods. The good news is that the entire purpose of including an employee sick leave policy within your employee handbook is to clarify what is ok, and what will happen in an employee violates the policy.

Of course the decision of how many unscheduled absent periods are acceptable is up to you; however, I will throw out a couple of suggestions. Keep in mind I don't know the details of your business so use my example only as a general guide.

Employee Manual Software - A twelve month rolling calendar period…

I would first think in terms of a tracking unscheduled absent periods for an entire year. The difference would be that I would make the year a rolling calendar period. Therefore within your employee sick policy clarify how many unscheduled absent periods and employee can have in a twelve month rolling calendar period before they would be' subject to possible disciplinary action.

Before going any further your employee sick leave policy should also refer to federal programs like the Family Medical Leave Act. Some states, like California, have laws that place additional requirements on businesses so make sure you check all these out carefully. Your sick policy should cover this so as not to confuse the issue. Of course for an individual to qualify for any of these federal or state programs they must provide evidence that qualifies them. For the purposes of this article we are speaking of only those absent periods that do not qualify.

Employee Manual Software - This would only count as one absent period.

In addition, one absent period may be a number of days together. As an example if an individual has the flu they may be out for seven days. This would only count as one absent period. Of course your employee sick policy would require a person that has been out for this length of time to provide a doctors certification that they were out and are permitted to return to work. That is the glory of the employee handbook.

So let's talk about some example information that might work for your business. I would throw out the number of three absent periods within a twelve month rolling calendar before you would sit down and discuss it with an employee. The discussion would include some type of documentation that they are on the edge of violating your employee sick leave policy. Some people like me would call this type of discussion a written counseling.

Employee Manual Software - They would be subject to a second written warning letter

If that same employee incurs another absent period within a twelve month rolling calendar they then would be subject to a first written warning letter. If they incur another one which would be their fifth, they would be subject to a second written warning letter. Following this same path if they have another absent period in that same twelve month rolling calendar period they would receive a third and final written warning letter resulting in their termination.

Using your Employee Manual Software to Produce an Employee Retention Policy

Using your employee manual software to produce an employee retention policy can be a great idea for some industries! Industries, such as housekeeping and foodservice continually have very high turnover and doing anything to reduce that generally will save your business money. Other high demand industries, such as healthcare, can also be frustrating trying to retain quality employees. Let’s face it; the hiring process costs you money and time.

The time you invested in the employee that has left. The time you invest in the new employee arriving. The productivity lost during both of those while employees learn the system and process. Your productivity while you invest time in interviews! The cost of recruitment! All these are reasons to consider investing your time into a retention policy and including that into one of your most valuable documents, an employee handbook.

Employee Manual Software - On the other hand maybe they become eligible for certain benefits..

Once you have come to the conclusion that you need and employee retention policy the next step is to decide what you want in it and how you want to present it to your staff. As an example do you want to give financial incentives for remaining an employee of your business? On the other hand maybe they become eligible for certain benefits, perhaps retirement plans. So tying your incentives into a certain amount of time obviously is important but let’s go a step further and also work in their performance.

So if you’re employee retention policy states that after one year they are eligible for bonus it would be wise to also tie into that a requirement that their performance reaches a certain level. As an example if your employee performance review system has a rating system they must be performing at least above average. This way you are gaining by retaining a valuable employee. We will talk about what makes up a great employee performance review system in another article on this website.

Employee Manual Software - So instead of giving a 5% increase after one year…

You may want to have a combination of both an immediate financial incentive and one that encourages an employee to continue on by being able to see an incentive on an ongoing basis. Sometimes having an employee retention policy that spreads some benefits out over time is a great plan. This may be in the form on smaller wage increases spread out. So instead of giving a 5% increase after one year, you may consider spreading that out in smaller increases over that year long period. Again, you must tie the increases into performance. You certainly don’t want to offer a pay increase to an employee you are not happy with in the first play and would rather see walk out the door.

There is no question that turnover is frustrating and expensive. You can work up your own number as to how much it is costing you and then applying a portion of that toward your employee retention policy incentives. The financial costs can be enormous so make you sure tally up everything. Most industries have a way of calculating the norm for productivity. Take those numbers and compare them to your own and you should be able to begin to understand the true cost of turnover.

Creating an Attendance Policy using Employee Manual Software

All employee manual software programs should have within them an employee attendance policy.

If ever a policy is needed this would be the one that you will be referring to often.

Everyone has a different interpretation of what good attendance should be. As an example I was conducting a recent interview and asked the question, how many unscheduled absences do you feel is acceptable within a thirty day period?

The answers were everything from zero to ten unscheduled absences in a thirty day period!

Guess what? I was not interested in the individual that answered ten absences in a thirty day period. Why even show up for work if you are going to miss two weeks out of the month!

Provided they are out on consecutive days for a verified illness…

Things that you should consider in your attendance policy would be how many unscheduled absence periods are permitted before an employee may be subject to disciplinary action. Remember an unscheduled absence is anytime an employee calls in and tells you that they are unavailable for work when they were on the schedule. In most cases this means they have called in sick.
Also to clarify, and unscheduled absence period may be that someone missed three days in a row because they had the flu. Provided they are out on consecutive days for a verified illness it would be counted as one absence period, even though they were out for three days.

Employee Manual Software - That void must be filled in by all the remaining employees…

Of course whenever a person scheduled to work calls in sick it creates a void. That void must be filled in by all the remaining employees. When this happens too often it will create stress and ultimately disrupt the entire workforce.

Therefore, it is critical to have an employee attendance policy within your employee handbook that is fair yet clearly draws the line.
Let's take a look at a couple of possibilities that you may want to adopt in your employee attendance policy.

First I would look at occurrences within a twelve month rolling calendar. So that if an absence period occurred on June 5th of 2010, the clock would be running until June 4th of 2011. On June 5th of 2011 the absence period that occurred on June 5th of 2010 would no longer be counted. Hope that makes sense!

Employee Manual Software - Every unscheduled absence period thereafter would also be subject to progressive disciplinary action…

So built into your employee attendance policy you may want to say that after four (or whatever you determine works for your small business) unscheduled absence periods in a twelve month rolling calendar they may be subject to progressive disciplinary action. In addition, every unscheduled absence period thereafter would also be subject to additional progressive disciplinary action.

Almost all employee manual software programs should allow you to build the employee attendance policy in a way that will fit your needs. I know that Standard Legal does.

The key with any employee policy is that you apply it fairly and consistently to all employees. One of the fastest ways to receive a claim for discrimination or charged with a wrongful discharge claim is to treat people differently! Oh, it's very easy to do when employees that perform very well and ones that don't violate the same policy. After all we are just human beings.

Employee Manual Software - When requesting any type of absence the request must be…

So as you are considering what policies to include in your employee manual take a look at many employee manual software programs and decide which one is right for you.

Your employee attendance policy should also include some of the following topics as appropriate for your specific small business.

When requesting any type of absence the request must be made in advance of the scheduled work time. In other words if they are scheduled for work at 8:00 am then they must call at a minimum before then.

I would also state in the policy that they must speak with a supervisor, or someone designated to accept a call of this nature.

Employee Manual Software - Dressed appropriately and ready to begin at their scheduled start time…

I would also make sure the employee attendance policy states that simply informing a supervisor, or their designee, does not necessarily mean that they have been granted the time off.

Make sure that you state in your policy that employees are expected to be at their place of work, dressed appropriately and ready to begin at their scheduled start time.

For your own protection against unnecessary over time or other potential negative issues you may want to include in your policy that employees are not permitted to be at their place of work earlier or later than thirty minutes. Of course you can adjust this to whatever you feel is appropriate.

I hope this gets you to thinking about what you want in your employee handbook and remember that most employee manual software programs will do a much better job than above in laying it out for you.

Thank you for reviewing this information on an Employee Manual Software!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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