Employee Handbook Software That's Reasonably Priced

Employee Handbook Software

For many years, Standard Legal has worked with thousands of individuals that elected to utilize their employee handbook software to prepare an employee handbook on their own!

Since they handle-multiple clients each and every month in situations that are very real, their legal content is continually checked and verified by their own expert lawyers. In addition, the information is also verified by those experts in the field like attorneys, court clerks, and judges.

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Employee Handbook Software Must Include the Right Policies for Your Business

In today's world where employees look first to file a law suit it is wise for businesses to protect themselves. One way to do this is by using employee handbook software from Standard Legal to create and publish an employee handbook that will protect that business from inappropriate employee claims and demands. Standard Legal also provides help in the preparation of those documents at a very affordable cost. In fact, their Employee Handbook preparation I believe is only a little over one hundred dollars.

For those do-it-yourself people like me the cost can be as low as around $35!

The great thing about having an employee handbook is that it lets the employee know in advance what your rules and policies are about anything and everything you have decided would apply to them.

As an example, you will most likely include a policy on attendance. Within that policy you can decide the procedure for someone calling in sick! You can decide how many times a person is allowed to call in sick before there may be disciplined involved. You can make sure that you identify how someone can apply for the Federal Family Medical Leave Act.

On the other hand, you may want to clearly define what your probationary period is. Within that probationary period policy, you can define many aspects of that including that the employee can be released with or without a reason. Understanding that most states are "Employee at Will" you can provide that language as well.

Using Standard Legal’s employee handbook software makes your life easy and the cost of producing an employee handbook almost nonexistent.

If you have them produce your employee handbook their document preparation professionals will produce a complete handbook. They will provide that employee handbook in a format that you can turn around and print as many copies as you will need. The easy part is that you select the policies that you feel are necessary for your employee handbook, answer a few questions, and Standard Legal's team will do the rest for just a little bit over one hundred dollars. An attorney will cost you thousands to produce one! Not even close in comparison.

The best part is that it will be tailored to your business.

Remember we live in that sue happy society that believes they can hit the lottery through a law suit with their employer. One of the best ways to protect you is to have the right policies and procedures in place, such as an employee handbook. One of the easiest ways to prepare one is to purchase a professional employee handbook software from Standard Legal!

Their very easy to use employee handbook software makes sure that the rules, regulations and procedures you feel are important to managing your employees and business are easy to produce and in place for your employees. Your business is no different than any others; therefore, by being able to tap into the professional knowledge and expertise of a company like Standard Legal you will receive information on the most common situations and scenarios that employers face in today' workforce. There is no better way to protect your business from unwarranted litigation.

Standard Legal's completely developed employee handbook software offers a step-by-step process for customizing their own employee handbook that s concise and thorough. Because the employee handbook software is complete almost all business owners are able to produce an employee handbook in very little time without involving an attorney. However, if you are still unsure whether you have a legally prepared document you can always have an attorney review the document which will still be hundreds, if not thousands of dollars less expensive.

Standard Legal's employee handbook software is designed for small to medium sized business. The reason for this is that most larger businesses have their own legal staff and do not need assistance.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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