Employee Handbook Small Business Workplace Safety Policy

Keeping your employees safe must be a top priority. As an important part of our “Employee Handbook Small Business” section on Leadership Skills for Life we have provided a Workplace Safety Policy to include in your employee policy manual.

Also included are “Insert Your Business Name Here” so that you can personalize this to your company. As always make changes as you see fit to ensure it meets your needs and works for your own employee policy handbook.

Employee Handbook Small Business

Workplace Safety Policy

“Insert Your Business Name Here” believes in taking every reasonable precaution possible to ensure that employees have a safe and healthy working environment. This is why safety measures and SOPs (Standard Operational Procedures) have been developed and put in place for the protection of all the staff members of the company. However, please bear in mind that it is ultimately the responsibility of each and every staff member to help prevent accidents of any kind. To ensure the continuation of a safe workplace and environment, all employees should review and understand all the provisions of the company’s workplace safety requirements as present in the health and safety policy.

All Staff members should use all safety and protective equipment that has been provided to them as per the nature of their work. Moreover, it is the duty of every employee of the company to maintain work stations and areas in a safe, orderly and uncluttered manner, free from any kind of hazardous conditions. All staff members who have been observed to indulge in unsafe practices and/or conditions should immediately be reported to their supervisor or management so as to help ensure a safe environment for all the employees of the company.

Management requires that every person in the organization assumes the responsibility of individual and organizational safety. Failure to comply with the company’s safety guidelines or engaging in conduct that places the employee, client or company property at risk and in other words allows or crates a potential threat to the safety of the entire company along with its employees may lead to direct disciplinary action against the employee and may also lead to their termination from the service of the company.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to identify and familiarize themselves with the emergency exit and/or plan for their working area in case of disasters such as fire, weather-related events, medical crises and terrorism and crime related emergencies.

Moreover, employees are also strictly prohibited from making threats against anyone in connection with his/her work or engaging in violent activities while in the employ of the company. Any questions regarding safety and safe practices should be directed to you supervisor or management.

Contagious disease policy

If any staff member of the company has had or for that matter is in convalescence from a contagious disease or serious health issue which may have the potential to adversely affect the health of other employees (e.g. chicken pox, influenza, whooping cough, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Herpes Simplex, Gonorrhea, etc.), a duly qualified physician’s written permission on their official letterhead would be required to return to work. The company reserves the right to accept or reject such a report and may ask for a second opinion of a doctor on the company’s own panel of medical experts before allowing such an employee to rejoin the organization’s workforce.

Employee accident reporting policy

It is the responsibility of all the staff members of the company to report immediately any workplace accident they were involved in or witnessed to their supervisor or management. They are also responsible for completing a formal accident and incident report for each and every safety infraction that may have occurred due to any reason by an employee or that an employee of the company may have personally witnessed. Failure to report such an infraction, or falsifying information, may result in the errant staff member being made to face disciplinary action as part of the overall process of progressive discipline and may include any number of penalties up to outright termination from service.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All employees performing job duties that require personal protective equipment (PPE) as deemed by any government regulatory agency such as OSHA are required to wear the designated PPE. If PPE is not available then the employee will notify their supervisor or management. At no time will an employee perform a job duty requiring PPE without wearing the required PPE. Any employee found not wearing the required PPE will be subject to the Company’s progressive disciplinary process.

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Employee Handbook Small Business Workplace Safety Policy