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Employee Handbook Small Business

Violence in the Workplace

It is imperative that all employees, customers, vendors and business associates of "Insert Your Business Name Here" must be treated with absolute courtesy and respect at all times both on and off company premises. It is expected of all staff members that they will refrain from any behavior that may be considered threatening or out rightly dangerous to others.

Any behavior that either expressly or through implication coerces, intimidates, or otherwise threatens, another staff member of the company, any of its esteemed customers, vendors and/or its business associates will not be tolerated at all.

"Insert Your Business Name Here" resources may not be used to either, harass, talk or otherwise threaten and in any way put into jeopardy any individual, be it staff member or outsider, at the workplace or even outside the company premises. "Insert Your Business Name Here" also considers any and all threats coming from any source including workplace associates and even abusive personal relationships as a form of violence.

Any implied or explicit threats of violence with a view to intimidate the victim, episodes of actual violence and any individual, employee or otherwise, against whom there is suspicion that he may turn violent or any activities that may give rise to violent confrontations should be reported immediately, and if that cannot be done due to extenuating circumstances, as soon as possible to a supervisor or management.

When reporting any threat or actual incident of violence, the concerned staff member should be as specific and detailed as possible. "Insert Your Business Name Here" advises it's staff members that under 'NO' circumstances whatsoever, should they try to put themselves in personal peril to defuse a potentially explosive situation, nor should they attempt in any way to intercede during such an incident.

It is the responsibility of the concerned staff member to immediately inform management of any 'protective or restraining order' that they may have in their possession that lists the workplace as a protected area.

Furthermore, female staff members are especially encouraged to report any safety concerns they may have with regard to intimate civil/marriage/partner or any other family member who they fear may commit violence against them.

"Insert Your Business Name Here" will immediately and thoroughly investigate all reports of threats of violence or incidents of actual violence as well as suspicious individuals, loitering on company premises, or any activities it feels may lead to violence. The identity of the individual making a report will be protected to the fullest extent of the law. "Insert Your Business Name Here" will not retaliate against any staff members making good-faith reports of violence, threats or suspicious individuals or activities.

However, it is pertinent to inform all staff members of the company that in order to maintain the safety and security of the workplace to the fullest possible extent as well as to safeguard the integrity of its investigation, "Insert Your Business Name Here" may suspend employees on suspicion of workplace related violence or even threats of violence, either with or without pay, pending investigation. However, once cleared such employees may be re-instated with immediate effect with full back benefits. On the other hand, if the charges leveled against them are true, the employee/s may be subjected to the severest penalties under the progressive disciplinary process and such penalties may even include dismissal from service.

In fact any employee who, after all due investigation has been found to be responsible for threats of or actual violence or other conduct that is in violation of these anti-violence policies not only will be subject to severe disciplinary action under company polices but may well be handed over to the law enforcement agencies in case the investigation determines that it's a case of criminal behavior.

"Insert Your Business Name Here" actively encourages all its staff members to immediately bring all their inter personnel disagreement and disputes to the notice of management, before the situation escalates into threats of outright violence. "Insert Your Business Name Here" would like to reassure its employees that it will not discipline any staff members for creating apprehension at the workplace.

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