Employee Handbook Small Business Smoke Free Policy

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Employee Handbook Small Business

Smoke Free Policy

The law defines smoking as the "act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smoldering cigar, cigarette or pipe of any kind."

It is the stated policy of “Insert Your Business Name Here” to strictly prohibit smoking on all the premises of the company as well as all its ancillary facilities such as branch offices, plants, warehouses, etc., except at clearly designated smoking areas if provided located at the company’s various premises. This policy has been drafted keeping in view the provision of a healthy work environment for all the staff members of the company

This anti smoking policy is universally applied to:

★    All areas of the company’s premises and structures.

★     All company-sponsored off-site conferences, retreats and meetings.

★    All vehicles owned or leased by the company.

★    All visitors, both customers as well as vendors to the company premises.

★    All contractors and consultants and/or their subordinates and associates working on the company premises in whatever capacity.

★    All staff members without exception, both temporary as well as permanent staffers including probationary employees, interns and students.

However, it is permissible to smoke in all those areas of the company’s premises, if provided, which are clearly demarcated as pre-specified smoking zones.

All staff members, irrespective of seniority, position and rank are hereby informed that any violation of the smoking policy would lead to the employee being penalized as per the process of progressive discipline and may include such penalties as loss of seniority, suspension without pay and even outright dismissal from the services of the company.

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