Employee Handbook Small Business Promotion Policy

Our “Employee Handbook Small Business” business topic is dedicated to assisting any small business in creating their own employee policy manual. On this page we have provided a ”Promotion policy” to inform your employees and define of your position on promotions. This area on our site Leadership Skills for Life is extremely important because we know small businesses don’t have large budgets that can be dedicated to producing all those required documents like an employee policy manual.

For you convenience within our ready to use policies we have placed in bold “Insert Your Business Name Here” so that you can easily add your business name or other information to personalize these policies for your own offline employee manual.

Employee Handbook Small Business

Promotion Policy

“Insert Your Business Name Here” does offer employees promotions to higher-level positions in the company whenever it deems appropriate based on their performance and their ability to meet the company’s objectives as described in their Job Descriptions. As a matter of policy the management prefers to promote a culture of “promotion from within” and may first consider current employees with the necessary qualifications and skills to fill vacancies above the entry level.

To be considered for promotions, staff members of the organization must:

★     Have held their current position for at least 12 months,

★     Have a satisfactory performance record

★     Moreover, have not faced any disciplinary actions during the last 12 months.

However the management reserves the right to fill certain positions though external recruitment, if it believes that not one staff member amongst its current employees has the relevant experience and/or skill set necessary to fill that position, and therefore may seek recourse to inviting applications from applicants outside the organization if it deems it to be in the company’s best interest.

All existing and potential employees of “Insert Your Business Name Here” are hereby informed that the management retains the right to make exceptions to these policies as per its discretion as and when required.

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Employee Handbook Small Business Promotion Policy