Employee Handbook Small Business Employment at Will Policy

Producing Employee Policies is our primary objective on so we created an “Employee Handbook Small Business” section on our website Leadership Skills for Life. This specific page presents our Employment of Will Policy for your own employee policy manual.

Embedded in the employee policy handbook policy are areas in bold like “Insert Your Business Name Here” to give you an opportunity to make this your own employee handbook policy. We have no problem with your business using this for your on offline employee manual.

Employee Handbook Small Business

Employment at Will Policy

All regular staff members of “Insert Your Business Name Here” are employed on an "at-will" basis. This effectively means that the company’s employees are not employed for any specific term or period of time, and that the employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason.

Similarly, employees have the power to resign and terminate employment with “Insert Your Business Name Here” at any time and for any reason after informing the supervisor/manager. However, the company requests from all employees at least a two week or longer written notice of their desire to resign their employment to their supervisor or management. This will help ensure that the company not only finds a suitable replacement for the employee who has tendered his resignation, but will also allow him to train his replacement as well.

Moreover, No employee has any authority to change the nature of this relationship through any statements, representations, or conduct. The ‘at-will’ relationship between the employee and “Insert Your Business Name Here” may only be changed by an authorized company official.

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employee handbook small business employment at will