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Drug and Alcohol Free Policy

“Insert Your Business Name Here” has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe and productive work environment. Drug abuse of any drug, may well end up posing a severe threat to the health and safety of employees and to the security of our machinery as well as facilities. For these reasons “Insert Your Business Name Here”, is committed to the elimination of drug and/or alcohol use and abuse in the workplace. Drug abuse may be broadly defined as:

Hard Drugs

These include controlled substances such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and hallucinogens like LSD, amphetamine, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy) etc. These drugs may potentially alter a person’s concept of reality and make him prone to paranoid delusions and an outright threat to both himself as well as his coworkers.

Over the Counter Medication

While these may not be as dangerous as hard drugs, but nevertheless they can also potentially impair an employee’s ability to work or operate machinery. Common cough syrups and anti nausea medications such as Hyderlin and Gravinate have marked sophomoric properties and may make their user too sleepy to be able to concentrate adequately at the task at hand and this is why the management of the company deems it necessary that any staff member of the company taking such medication should immediately inform their supervisors and or management.

However, this policy does not prohibit employees from the lawful use and possession of prescription medications. Employees must, however, check with their doctors about the medications effect on their overall suitability for return to duty as well as their ability to continue to work well and with all due safety precautions while they are under treatment.

It is also incumbent on all staff members to immediately disclose any work restrictions imposed by their medical provider to their immediate supervisor and or management. Employees however do not need to disclose any underlying medical conditions unless it would interfere with the tasks they have to do as part of their JD (Job Description).

Drug Free Environment Policy

This policy outlines the practice and procedure designed to correct instances of identified drug use in the workplace. This policy applies to all employees and all applicants for employment at “Insert Your Business Name Here”. The Company is responsible for the overall administration of this policy.

Drug Users’ Assistance Policy

“Insert Your Business Name Here” will both support as well as assist employees who voluntarily seek help for such issues before they are subjected to the ‘Progressive Disciplinary Process”. Such employees might be allowed to take earned paid time off or approved upon request and placed on leaves of absence. However these employees would be required to provide documentation that they are in a rehabilitation program and successfully following prescribed treatment and to take and pass all relevant follow-up tests that may be requested. “Insert Your Business Name Here” reserves the right to allow or not allow employees time off to attend a rehabilitation program, i.e., there is no guarantee of approval to attend.

Alcohol Free Environment

It is mandatory for all employees to report to work while being completely fit for duty, i.e., neither in an inebriated state nor hung over, after an all-night drinking binge. In other words all staff members should be free of any undesirable effects of excessive alcohol usage. Moreover, the consuming of any kind of alcoholic beverages in the premises of “Insert Your Business Name Here” is strictly prohibited. Work Rules Policy Related To Drug/Alcohol Use

The following work rules apply to all employees irrespective of the position they hold in the organization: Whenever employees are working irrespective of the fact that their shift has ended or they are working overtime, or are operating any company vehicle, are present on company premises, or are conducting related work off-site, they are strictly forbidden from:

★    Using, or being in possession of, or buying, selling, manufacturing or in any way dispensing a banned substance and or narcotic agent such as heroin, cocaine, hashish, cannabis, marijuana and any other illegal product as well as possession of drug related paraphernalia.

★    Being under the influence of alcohol or any other unlawful narcotic substance as defined in this policy.

★    The presence of any detectable amount of any illegal drug or illegal controlled substance in an employee’s body while performing company business or while in a company facility is strictly prohibited.

★    The presence of alcohol in the bloodstream over and above the limit as prescribed by federal and state law is also strictly prohibited and in the event of an employee being caught while driving a company vehicle during duty hours while DUI (Driving Under Influence) he may not only be put into the progressive disciplinary process but may also be subject to criminal prosecution under the relevant state and federal laws.

★     “Insert Your Business Name Here” will not allow ‘any’ staff member (irrespective of their seniority and or position) to continue to perform their duties while taking certain prescription drugs that may interfere with the staff member’s ability to safely and effectively perform the tasks as defined by their job description. Staff members taking such prescription medicines must always carry it in a container/bottle labeled by a licensed pharmacist. Furthermore if the competent authority asks him to produce this medication he is bound to show it and if necessary, have it inspected.

★    Should any staff member (Irrespective of position or seniority) be found in possession of any unlawful narcotics or narcotic paraphernalia, he will be turned over to an appropriate law enforcement agency and apart from severe disciplinary action that may include termination from service, he may also have to face criminal prosecution as per the existing state and federal laws.

★    The company retains the right to require the following tests:


All applicants and prospective employees at “Insert Your Business Name Here” must pass a battery of drug tests before they would be given an offer of employment. Any refusal to submit to testing may well result in an automatic disqualification of all subsequent employment options in the organization.

Reasonable Suspicion

All staff members at “Insert Your Business Name Here” are subject to testing based on observations by a supervisor and or management who may suspect them of indulging in alcohol or substance abuse that may well be having a negative impact on their work. Such a supervisor may if they deem fit, send the employee for drug and/or alcohol tests if they feel that the suspicions are sound enough to warrant such tests.

Post-accident Tests

Staff members are subject to be tested for alcohol and other substance when they cause or are directly responsible for accidents that seriously damage a company vehicle, machinery, equipment or property and/or result in an injury to themselves or another employee or employees that may require both on-site and or off-site medical attention.

If such an eventuality occurs all investigation and subsequent testing must take place within two (2) hours following the accident, if not sooner. This will help ensure that the banned substance would still be in the blood stream of the perpetuator and could be more readily identified via blood and urine tests.


Any staff member who has tested positive in a drug and or alcohol test, or otherwise violated this policy, may be subjected to severe disciplinary action up to and including termination of service.


For employees and applicants; Any and all applicants who refuse to have their drug/alcohol tests taken or who test positive in such tests would not be considered for hiring at any level of the organization.

Furthermore any staff members already on the payroll of “Insert Your Business Name Here” who refuse to cooperate for their mandatory tests or who are caught using, possessing, or who buy, sell, manufacture or dispense an illegal drug/narcotic substance in flagrant violation of this policy will face strict disciplinary action that may include a multitude of penalties such as suspension without pay till the completion of the progressive disciplinary process. In fact the first time an employee tests positive for alcohol or illegal drug use under this policy, the result may include severe penalties up to and including termination from service.


“Insert Your Business Name Here” staff members will be paid for time spent in alcohol/drug testing and they will face a suspension pending the results of the drug/alcohol test. Once the results of the test have been received, the results of the aforementioned tests would be discussed with the employee in question on a pre-determined time and date. The meeting in which such discussions would take place would include the supervisor and/or management of the employee. However, if the results turn out to be negative, the employee will receive back pay and any other benefits for the number of man hours and/or days during which he had been placed under suspension.

In case the results prove to be positive, the employee would be subjected to the ‘progressive disciplinary process’ and any penalties the management deems fit including termination from service depending on the severity of his alcohol dependency and or drug abuse problem.


All Information, records, connected in any way with those test results that turned out to be positive, as well as drug abuse and/or alcohol dependencies and similar ancillary documentation and indeed even legitimate medical explanations shall be kept strictly confidential by the company to the fullest extent as stipulated by all the relevant state and federal laws. Moreover both soft and hard copies of files containing such sensitive data would be stored and maintained in protected folders separate and distinct from normal personnel files as maintained by management.

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