Employee Handbook Small Business Company Policies and Procedures

Ensuring your organization produces comprehensive professional Employee Policies is critical therefore we created an “Employee Handbook Small Business” section on Leadership Skills for Life. Below we have provided a Company Policies and Procedures to include in your employee policy manual.

Employee Handbook Small Business

Company Policies and Procedures

The company has in place various policies that denote the “Dos’ and Don’ts” of acceptable or unacceptable behavior as the case may be. These are part of the overall ‘Code of professional conduct’ of the company.

Code of professional conduct

These polices aim to govern the appearance of the staff members of the company as well as their interaction with the company as well as the outside world.

Personal appearance

A company will be judged by its employees. That is why it is important for all staff members of the company to project a professional image while working. Employees are expected to be neat, clean and well-groomed while working on the job. All clothing must be consistent with the standards for the type of work being performed. Leisure clothes such as cut-offs, halter tops, low cut dresses, flip flops, etc., are not considered acceptable attire for any workplace associated with the company. All employees must be covered from shoulders to knees at all times and no see-through clothing is permitted at any time.

“Insert Your Business Name Here” is positive that its staff members will use their best judgment regarding their apparel, appearance and personal grooming. Furthermore the management reserves the right to determine appropriateness. Any employee who is improperly dressed will be counseled or in severe cases may be sent home to change clothes. Continued disregard of this policy may be cause for disciplinary action as per the progressive disciplinary process.


Noxious body odors, especially in conjunction with sloppy and un-ironed clothes denote not just carelessness, but a disregard for the decorum of the company as well as fellow staff members, and therefore are highly discouraged as per this policy.


The company believes in a clean shaven look or alternately a well-defined beard such as a French cut. It does not allow full, hirsute beards that appear to show that the person has allowed his hair follicles to run amok. However, completely untrimmed beards may be allowed due to religious or dermatological reasons, but for such beards special permission must be obtained from management beforehand. If such permission is neither taken nor given, then the management reserves the right to send the offender home for a shave.

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Employee Handbook Small Business Company Policies and Procedures