Employee Handbook Policies Checklist

Before you get started it may be a good idea to take a look at an employee handbook policies checklist.

This may help you understand the huge undertaking that is involved in producing and employee handbook. The entire purpose of the Employee Handbook Templates website is to put things into perspective. Although this may be a tough assignment it can be made a lot easier with the right tools.

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As you can see the employee handbook policies checklist is a little overwhelming it is not as bad as you think.

The Supreme Court strongly advises you to have one!

First things first!

Quickly scan through the list and determine which policies seem right for your small business. As an example if you don’t have any company vehicles, there is no need to include a Use of Company Vehicles policy. If you ever do get a company vehicle then you can add it later.

Your employee handbook is your tool to keep your employees informed. The community, including the Supreme Court strongly advises you to have one. The purpose of this employee handbook policies checklist is to give you some examples and information as to why the specific policy may be important for your small business.

Obviously if an employee enters your small business with a weapon…

Much can be said about each one however, I would especially pay attention to the required posters and policies. There are some states like California that have significantly more requirements than others. Not following them because you were not aware is no excuse.

The list includes employee policies from attendance to workplace violence! You may be saying to yourself that it should be understood that the workplace does not tolerate workplace violence. Obviously if an employee enters your small business with a weapon and uses it there will be legal consequences for the employee. However, having a workplace violence policy that defines certain aspects of what constitutes violence so that all employees understand that it is not tolerated.

In addition, the employee handbook policies checklist also includes simple things like a smoking policy. Does your small business allow smoking? If it does, where is it allowed? When are they permitted to smoke? Does your state have a law on smoking in the workplace? What happens if they don’t follow the smoking policy?

As you can see the policy really needs to be thought out…

As you can see the policy really needs to be thought out so that you can apply it! The employee handbook policies checklist includes as many of the policies that we could think of so that you truly have an idea of what you need to include in your employee handbook.

There are a lot of choices for employee handbook templates to help you. They range in cost from very inexpensive to very expensive. One of the most important things to look at is if it was written by employment attorneys and will you receive automatic updates when laws change?

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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