Employee Dress Code Policy

Unless you want a lot of headaches it is a wise choice to have an employee dress code policy in your employment policy!

Why do I say this?

There is no question that everyone has a different idea of what is allowable and what isn't!

Let's just take as an example a woman's skirt! In a business setting what is acceptable? If you leave it up to every woman to decide it will eventually be too high!

Let's do the same for the low cut neckline! From a professional stand point it is wise to spell out exactly what is acceptable and what is not!

When you get slapped with a sexual harassment law suit…

Don't leave it to chance or you will be sorry! Yes we can laugh about it now but when you get slapped with a sexual harassment law suit from one of your female employees because a customer crossed the line due to their inappropriate dress, you won't be laughing then.

How about if you allow employees to dress casually on a certain day of the week and one of them wears a political tee shirt that you disagree with?

Same scenario but this time they wear a sleeveless tee shirt? Or may be worse they wear a muscle shirt!

The last thing you want is to terminate someone…

I hope you are getting the picture that having a dress code policy built into your employee handbook no matter what type of work environment you have is a smart idea. Your employment handbook is there to keep you focused on what you are really in business to do, make a product or provide a service. Every time you get tide up with an employee issue it is taking you away from that.

picture of employee handbook

A simple thing like having an employee dress code policy will help to eliminate the guess work.

The last thing you want is to terminate someone for repeatedly violating something that you don't even have a policy written on. This is what will get you into trouble every time with the courts.

So my advice is to produce an employment handbook with all the appropriate employee policies including one for an employee dress code policy.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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