What An Employee Discipline Policy Should Consist Of

An employee discipline policy is important to implement so you can be sure employees are taken care of if they do something they're not supposed to. It's a good idea to get this into place before you hire anyone and then let the employees know what will happen if they don't follow the rules.

Start with counseling or a verbal warning. This is just so you can let the employee know what they're doing is wrong in cases of them doing something mildly wrong. This should be the first course of action unless the employee did something terribly wrong and requires more discipline because of that. When you give a verbal warning or counseling, make it very clear what your rules are and how they broke them. Try to keep a cool head during this time and you should be able to get the employee to quit the poor behavior.

The next part of your employee discipline policy needs to be a written warning. If you were not able to correct the behavior of the employee with the verbal warning or counseling, then they need to know that they're still in the wrong and that a written warning is a little more serious. This will allow them to have a copy of the warning you have given them so they can identify what's wrong and know that they may be in a lot more trouble if the problem keeps happening. Outline the consequences on the written warning so they're aware of what is going to happen for them for this warning and any subsequent ones.

A suspension and final warning are necessary if the written warning wasn't heeded. This means that the employee cannot return to work so they can stay home and think over what they're doing and whether or not they really want the job. You'll want to ask whether or not the infraction really occurred if you didn't witness it. If they deny it, then do an investigation. Sometimes you may find they're innocent and you can allow them to return to work. Otherwise, they need to know that one more infraction is the end of their job.

Termination is the last course of action for an employee that just doesn't seem to want to follow the right way to do things. You need to talk this over with whoever is the head of the business to put in a recommendation. You can include what you said in the verbal warning, what your first written warning said, and how they were suspended and not found innocent of what they did wrong. Sometimes it just won't work out with certain people, so don't be afraid to take the appropriate action.

Now you're in the know about how to build an effective employee discipline policy. It's a good plan to get this into order so you can have something in place to take care of trouble employees. It's necessary to have this to keep your business running properly.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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