Completing Employee Discipline Forms No Longer Requires a PHD in Human Resources

Just as the title proclaims, completing employee discipline forms no longer requires someone to be an expert in human resources. I know from experience as a small business owner there are hundreds of hats that we must wear throughout the normal business day, and any one of those hats not worn properly could cost us our business. Today, in this article we are going to focus on the disciplinary process that will help you to throw one of those many hats you wear away, simply by using what I refer to as smart small business forms.

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Since the beginning of the human race there have been those that are in leadership roles and those that are followers. The problem arises when the followers don’t follow! Go figure! I know that it sounds crazy and ridiculous that some people just don’t like listening to someone else that is in authority, but it is true. Yes Go Figure! So when we run into those individuals within our workforce that seem to think the rules are for everyone else but them, what do we do?

In my now forty years of experience in a leadership role I have seen it all, and in most cases several times. I have had a women tell me they have been raped by their supervisor! I have long term employees trying to steal duffle bags full of crackers and soda! I have had employees threaten to kill me! I have dealt with employees beating each other up! I have dealt with employees drinking on the job, or before they arrived! I walked in on employees sleeping so soundly that they were drooling from the corner of their mouth.

So the point is that I have seen it all and the best and most efficient way to deal with any employee disciplinary issue is to address it immediately and correctly. Since I know that poor employee behavior is a business killer, I decided to personally develop my own solution to the problem with what I refer to as smart business forms, i.e., in this case employee discipline forms.

What I found in my forty years of experience is that supervisors put off addressing an employee’s poor behavior, say tardiness or absenteeism, because they simply don’t know how to correctly “Write Someone Up” as many would like to call it. I’ve solved that problem with my smart business forms.

What makes this form so different is that it offers drop down menus that have actual choices that will fit the situation you are trying to address. I know they do because I have faced every one of them at some point in my career. The second reason they are so valuable to your business is that they are asking the same questions that an unemployment administrative law judge, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Agent, or a Court Judge would ask. Once again, I know because I have been in front of them all, and in all cases I was successful.

Do yourself a favor and take one of the hundreds of hats you wear everyday and throw it away. You can do this by replacing it by using my smart employee discipline forms. Good luck and let me know personally how you like them. My success depends on your success.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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