Employee Conduct Policy

Creating an employee conduct policy can get a little bit difficult since there are so many different types of unacceptable conduct. How in the world can a person list everything that will not be tolerated?

That's where employee handbook templates come in real handy with the correct wording so that you cover all your bases with your employee handbook.

So wording a conduct policy so that it doesn't come across like you expect everyone to be completely out of control, yet protect yourself if someone does cross the line, is touchy.

Treating a Customer Disrespectfully!

Think about some of the actions people could take;

Purposely damaging or destroying property by striking it with something!

Some type of disruptive behavior!



Treating a Customer Disrespectfully!

This list could go on literally for pages and pages; however, it is important to have an employee conduct policy so that anything that doesn't 'fit into another category within your employee handbook you will be able to fit it here.

It is really important that you make it clear that management is the final authority on what is and what is not acceptable.

Understand though that you must treat everyone, equally! Therefore" if you take progressive disciplinary actions against one employee for a certain type of conduct, you better make sure everyone else is treated the same.

They very closely compared the level of discipline that each…

I was part of an investigation that involved the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program several years ago. During that investigation they took a look at every action that we had taken on our employees going back for several years. They very closely compared the level of discipline that each received based on the incident. Of course we also had to answer question after question as to why we did certain things.

When all the dust settled they found that we acted appropriately in all cases. This was a major accomplishment. I attribute it to always treating everyone the same no matter who they are! It is very hard sometimes but a necessary thing!

Several years ago I had an employee kick a hole in a wall…

Most employee handbook templates will include a prewritten employee conduct policy so that you can product a professional and complete employee handbook.

Before I close I wanted to share a story of how some types of employee conduct are very difficult to define.

Several years ago I had an employee kick a hole in a wall after he got some negative news from home. There are not a lot of specific policies that address kicking a hole in a wall. Therefore, this specific act was listed under our employee conduct policy within our employee handbook.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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