Employee Cell Phone Policy

Without some sort of employee cell phone policy in your employee handbook you could be affecting your businesses productivity!

Everywhere you go people either have their cell phones pasted up to their ear or busy texting someone!

In the workplace this can easily be a safety hazard and obviously it will reduce productivity.

So how do we go about deciding what is allowed and what is not!

Do you want to make exceptions for management?

Not all employee handbook templates on the market today will offer a prewritten example of an employee cell phone policy. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish.

In most places of business they ban the use of personal cell phones altogether.

This can get more difficult when the place of business involves private offices and sales people. In these cases a lot more thought must be placed into your employee cell phone policy.

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Do you want to make exceptions for management?

You may have an employee whose wife is pregnant …

What about individuals that take their personal vehicles to conduct 'businesses for your company?

Things really start to get cloudy when you end up calling someone on their personal phone for business purposes!

As you can see there is more thought that must go into your cell phone policy than just saying they are allowed or not.

Then there are those times we start making exceptions for people under various circumstances. As an example you may have an employee whose wife is pregnant and the employee needs to immediately accessible. Do you make an exception or not?

Utilizing their experience to give you plenty…

Using employee handbook templates that have experience in writing an employee cell phone policy can help you out greatly. Utilizing their experience to give you plenty of ideas on what your cell phone policy .should contain so that you don't leave anything out.

I personally recommend employee handbook templates that are written by employment attorneys. In addition, I would use a software company that stands behind what they offer. As an example some will offer a guarantee if what they offer does not pass the legal requirements. Now of course if you change everything that they provide all bets are off!

As I said, the use of cell phones today is so common it seems unusual to talk with someone that does not have one.

I can remember my first cell phone. It was a monster! If someone used it today you would think that they were talking with someone on the moon!

So as you are thinking about your employee handbook and reviewing employee handbook templates, make sure you consider a cell phone policy!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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