Employee Appreciation Ideas

Some of the best Employee Appreciation Ideas come from yourself if you just brainstorm a little!

As an example, how about a pot luck or a BBQ that is filled with games that involve things within your department.

Don't Just Tell Them You Appreciate Them - Show Them!

Some games could include Wheel Chair Races, or a modified game of the old TV game called Fear Factor!

To involve things within your department for these games use your imagination. I have seen managers within a housekeeping department use auto scrubber races. That same manager placed a mop bucket on wheels across the room and gave each team a role of caution tape, a mop head, and several other items that really didn't matter just to complicate it. The team that was able to figure out how to get the mop bucket back across the room using only the items available won. That meant the first team to figure out that they were to tie the caution tape onto the mop head and throw it into the mop bucket and pull it across won.

Wheelchair Races are a Great Employee Appreciation Idea

To make the wheel chair races more exciting you can set up a course then blind fold the person pushing the wheel chair while the person setting in it has to give directions. This can be a blast!

I have given these types of gifts as well as received them and I can tell you from experience it is a great way to go!

Back to the manager again, he had toilet paper stacked up in a pyramid and had them throw rolls of it to see who could knock down the most. The employees loved it!

At all of these events it is important to give great little gifts such as coffee mugs, T-Shirts, key chains, or some little item with your logo on it.

Maybe even have a certificate made up for the winners of each game.

Another Employee Appreciation Idea is to offer time off, either in the form of an additional break or an entire day.

How about a special parking space, or a special decorated lunch table reserved for just them!

But bottom line with all of these is a gift of some kind that they can physically take home and show their family members.

One Of Your Employee Appreciation Ideas Must Include Gifts - A Personal Favorite

You will never go wrong with a gift card from Amazon. Better than a department store.

They have every imaginable that a person could want at great prices too. From Jewelry to groceries to great books. The person will not have to leave home or the office to order their gift!

Make your money go further and give the gift that will let them select the gift they really want. It will help you be consistent in your gift giving!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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