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The key to standardizing your appraisal process is to utilize employee appraisal forms. Employees want and need to know what your expectations are and that first step in providing that is for them to know what you will be judging their performance on.

As an example if you consider Customer Service as an important critical factor in an employee’s performance the employee be more aware of their conduct. However, as I mentioned this is only the first step. You must provide them with your expectations prior to the beginning of the performance appraisal rating period. This should not only be provided in detail to the employee but also placed on the appraisal form.

Let’s just take an example of this so that you will have a better idea.

Customer Service: Our Company understands that customer service is one of the key elements of its success. From the Receiving Dock to the Sales Office everyone has a responsibility to treat fellow employees, visitors, vendors, and our valued customers with respect and courtesy at all times. Customer service extends beyond just verbal communications. It also includes any written communication(s), delivery of service(s), and body language.

Understand that the above example could be expounded upon but the point is that we must inform the employee exactly what they will be rated on. On most appraisal forms such as the free one I am providing to you there is some type of rating that will be provided. So how do we decide who performs at an outstanding level and who is just average, or even worse below average.

If you do not define this you could fall into the trap of favoring some employees and not others. This is also a formula for not only dissatisfied employees but more importantly you may even subject yourself to an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) claim. As a business owner you do not want to be accused of discrimination. Remember it doesn’t have to be true only appearing as such.

Whenever you rate people subjectively and not objectively you begin to run the risk of a discrimination allegation.

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