Effects of Harassment In The Workplace Destroys Employee Morale

The effects of harassment in the workplace can be devastating and without question very expensive in all types of ways. Any unwelcomed sexual advances in the workplace must not be tolerated for moral and financial reasons. No one should be subjected to it and any business that does not take a proactive approach could be losing thousands of dollars even if the victim never comes forward.

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The Effects of Harassment in the Workplace Can Be Very Expensive

Whether its sexual harassment or sexual discrimination it creates many negative reactions. Just to begin with most victims will react with a sense of abandonment by their supervisor even if the supervisor doesn’t know. Initially a victim will begin talking with their trusted co-workers which will result in division of your workforce.

Rumors, whether filled with truth or not, will kill productivity and increase turnover. This is just one of the effects of harassment in the workplace or of sexual discrimination in the workplace. As we all know rumors grow into huge problems since when they are passed from one person to the next they tend to change. I don’t know of anytime that the change resulted in anyone looking better. They almost always portray someone looking worse. They result is less productivity.

Turnover is another productivity killer! Once that rumor we spoke of above is in full force people will begin to form opinions of the company and most will be negative. Those negative feelings will result in some employees leaving the company. As we know the expense of recruiting, hiring, training, and bringing a new employee up to the productivity levels expected is enormous. If the rumor causes more than just one or two to leave it is even more devastating.

In the case of turnover, the effects of harassment in the workplace or sexual discrimination typically leaves the company with the individual(s) that were sexually harassing or discriminating in the first place to influence any new employees you hire. Certainly not an ideal situation!

Now if the sexual harasser or discriminator was a management official this is where it gets really expensive, especially if the victim files a formal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claim. It is extremely complicated and costly to defend against an EEOC sexual harassment claim when a management official is involved.  All business owners are required by law to protect their employees from all types of harassment and discrimination. So, when a management official violates this trust the jury awards will skyrocket.

So, as you can see there are many negative effects of harassment in the workplace or discrimination and these are only the tip of the ice berg.

Thank you for reviewing this information on the effects of harassment in the workplace.


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