Effective Email Communication

There is a simple and fast rule I live by when it comes to effective email communication.

What is it?

To be professional, short, sweet and to the point!

People have very busy lives and the last thing they want to do is read some long winded boring email.

Is culture the key to international e-mail marketing?

They are trying to make a decision whether this will help them or not in the first few words. If they decide it won't the delete button is pushed.

How do I know this? I live it everyday. I work side by side with executives that live it everyday.

Effective Email Communication - Save it for the email to your family and friends..

Effective communication is critical to your success and learning how to sum up your message in as few professional words as possible is the key.

If you like to write and carry on about general things, save it for the email to your family and friends. My guess is they might not read it either!

Most of the business people now days open their email in the morning and they may have hundreds of them to read. Do you really think they are going to read thoroughly everyone? Heck No! That delete button gets a good work out everyday.

So you better capture what you want to say in the very first line, if you want them to read the second line! The second then better push them to the read the third and so on. Every single word and line is important to keep their attention.

How is what you have to say gong to make their lives better, easier, faster, more profitable?

If you can't get that into the very first line or two, don't bother!

Having effective emails is a little different than regular correspondence, but try to do your best to spell words correctly and use the language appropriately. Never use all capital letters since most people believe that is yelling!

Effective Email Communication - Boost your effectiveness greatly...

Structuring your emails correctly can boost your effectiveness greatly and sometimes you need the help of experts to get you started in the right direction. I have included a link to a very good vendor that may be able to help you get started. I think they are very reasonably priced.

Like I said I get emails everyday that in some cases I hit the delete button without getting past the subject line.

If you want to have an effective email communication program you must learn the basics. Sometimes you only get one chance.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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