Doubting Thomas - If he had only knew!

In business there are a lot of doubting Thomas type people! As an example Missouri’s state motto is “The Show Me State!” I believe you but…

Of course we know that the term doubting Thomas came from when one of Jesus’ disciples, Thomas, doubted that Jesus had died and was resurrected until he placed his finger into the nail holes of Christ. He fell to his knees and proclaimed Him as God! He needed proof and he got it!

In business it is wise to insure that there is proof for almost everything. As an example if you are audited by the IRS and you don’t have evidence you will be responsible for the additional tax.

If you establish a policy or standard that insures everyone knows that everything will be subject to verification people will be much more accountable. Call it doubting, but the fact is that there is no question at the end of the day when you verify something.

Kind of like when driving and you see the Police Officer your natural reaction no matter how fast you are going is to let off the accelerator. Your next reaction is to look at the speedometer! Why do people do this? It’s simple! They doubt themselves! Just as Thomas had to place his finger into the nail holes of Christ we need to double check ourselves. Assuming we are not speeding we then feel at ease again!

You actually could have some fun with the idea by calling any quality checks as the Doubting Thomas checks! Whether you were verifying the quality of a product or service the idea is simple, someone is verifying it’s quality.

Early in our lives we understand that anything we do is going to be checked. Call it the Doubting Thomas syndrome or something else we all are put through some sort of verification process in life. As a quick example in school we verify we know the subject matter by taking a test. At work we have a boss that checks up on us. The bank sends us a bank statement each month to verify what we spent or saved. There are ticket takers at the movie theater to make sure you paid.

Doubting is just a fact of life and there is nothing wrong with it!

Thank you and may God bless you!

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