Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation!

So, is your business going to the Dogs?

If so, then you'll need to produce a Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation!

All kidding aside, making sure you do the upfront research before you spend your life savings on a business idea is just downright smart!

One of the most critical things to consider is who and where is your customer located?

If you can't answer this question before you put your Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation together then you are just wasting your time!

Let me put it in another way.

61,000 plus business bankruptcies annually!

dog day care business plan presentation

Your Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation Needs to be Targeted!

How about this?

If you have a product or service to sell you need someone to buy it!

The type of person looking for Dog Day Care will be the more elite individual. The individual that is on the go with a pocket full of money! The professional business person that has a pet dog that travels a lot for their company! The Yuppie (not puppy)!

So, where in the world do you find out where this type of person lives? I suppose you could just guess!

I have a better solution!

There is a free website called the United States Census Bureau! Remember that annoying information that we are supposed to complete every ten years. You know that government department that asks us all types of personal questions. Yes, that's the one!

Guess what? You can now use that information to your advantage and it's free! Is that great news or what?

Your Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation if it is an honest one will have real factual information. That includes information about where you will find your clients.

So, if you are at the United States Census Bureau website you can refine your search to the above criteria.

As an example, you can search first for income, then age, then pets. If you want to refine it more then you continue to drill it down until you know whether or not the potential number of clients will be enough to support your business.

The next piece of your Dog Day Care Business Plan should include is what will separate your Dog Day Care from any others that are in your area, i.e., who is your competition?

Pick up the telephone book and find out who your competition is!

Go Online and do the same thing!

Once you know who your competition is, then you need to find out what they offer!

Is it different or the same things you are going to offer? Are their prices the same?

The real question you better be able to answer in your Dog Day Care Business Plan is what makes you better or different than any others out there?

If you are offering the exact same service for the same price then you'll have problems being successful.

So, what does make you different? Is it a more personal service? Do you pick the dog up from the home and deliver it upon their return? Do you feed them a healthier diet? Are the accommodations more luxurious? Is there a certain amount of time the dog gets one on one attention? Do you ensure that the pet is protected from pests that may be carried in on other animals? Do you provide complete grooming services? 

Whatever its that makes you different that is your Marketing portion of your Dog Day Care Business Plan Presentation.

Do not discount the importance of having a fantastic Marketing Plan. My first business failed miserably because I had given no weight to a Marketing Plan. Sure, I followed the normal process of including some unfounded predictions and how I was going to bring customers into my doors, but it was not data driven!

Remember people make different choices for a lot of reasons.

Hilton versus Super 8!

Steak versus hamburger!

People will make the same choices when it comes to choosing a place to watch their dog for an hour, day, or longer!

Making this clear in your Dog Day Care Business Plan now will make all the difference in the world! It will make clear how you will market your service! How much you will charge! Where your customer is!

The remaining portions of your business plan are certainly important but I can't stress how important the pieces I mentioned above are. Without a customer you are bankrupt! Yes, you will be a part of the 61,000 plus business bankruptcies next year! I hope not, but do your research now! Do it honestly!

I am a personal believer in Business Plan Pro and the Marketing Plan Pro software. I use the Business Plan Pro personally and wouldn't be without it when I need to put together a solid business plan.

Thank you and may God bless you!