Employee Discipline Software

After giving up the search for some type of employee written warning letter or discipline software I decided to develop my own to make my own life easier!

Therefore, I tried to incorporate my lifelong skills of nearly forty years in a leadership role and combine them with my programming skills to develop an employee written warning letter software program to help anyone that wishes to use it.

The discipline software is set up to automatically produce a warning letter for tardiness, absenteeism, disrespectful behavior, insubordination, gossiping, safety violations, sexual harassment, misconduct, poor personal hygiene, and poor performance.

The only information it will require you to know are the details such as dates, the employee’s name, dates of any prior discipline, whether they have been issued and signed for an employee handbook, and of course your name and title.

Why is it free?

Why would I charge so little for this since there is nothing else like it anywhere?

The answer is simple!

I have a strong desire to help people that are in the same boat I am in. If you notice there isn’t anything else on my website that is for sell. There is a reason for that. I want to do my best to offer information to help if I can.

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There is one thing I would ask and that is that you Google Plus me if you like the discipline software!

In addition, to the software being able to help you produce an employee written warning letter it also has some built in employment policies that you can print off and use however you wish.

Remember the purpose of having employment policies is to insure your staff knows the rules and if they violate them you have a record of informing them.

At the end of the day no one takes pleasure in disciplining an employee. However, if you have to in order to help your business remain successful it is a wise move to have the tools necessary to make it as easy as possible to do so.

Therefore, enjoy this discipline software and again if you like it please give me a Google Plus!

God bless you and Thank you for reviewing this information on a written warning letter and May God Bless You!