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Written Warning using a Discipline Form


Employee: Alice R. Blacksmith Title: Hotel Housekeeper

Supervisor: Bruce T. Longfellow Title: Housekeeping Manager

Type of Disciplinary Action

(check only one)

_ Counseling

X 1st Written Warning

_ 2nd Written Warning _ 3rd Written Warning

_ Termination

Previous Disciplinary Action Issued

(List date(s) and Type issued only)

Date:    3/23/10                                          Type:    Counseling           

Date:                                                           Type:                                   

Date:                                                           Type:                                   

Date:                                                           Type:                                   

Explain Behavior or Performance

(List date(s) & approximate time(s). Explain who, what, why and where. Only facts)

      After being instructed you failed to properly clean the guest  

  room shower curtain and toilet bowl on April 21, 2010. >    


Action Necessary to Correct Behavior or Performance

(List training needed or explain the correct type of behavior expected)

      One of the most important parts of the cleaning process is to     

clean the hotel guest room bathroom thoroughly and to standard.

   Going forward it is critical that you remove the soiled restroom  

shower curtain on each room you clean. It is important to use the

acid bowl cleaner each time.

Explain Consequences of Future Behavior or Performance Issues

Any additional violations of company policies or procedures may result

in disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.


Employee Comments





(Note to Employee: By signing this form it only indicates that you have been informed of the issue, not that you necessarily agree or disagree.)

Employee:       Alice R. Blacksmith                         Date:    6/20/10            

Supervisor:     Bruce T. Longfellow               Date:    6/20/10            

Witness:                                                         Date:                           
(If Necessary)

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Imagine the time you are going to save and the headache you will avoid by utilizing a discipline form instead of trying to sit down and compose a warning letter by hand!

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Simply to memorialize the event!

Yes, to capture who, what, where, when, how, and finally what happens if it occurs again!

If necessary, a court is not going to get caught up with sentence structure. They are going to be concerned with whether the employee was warned or not! It’s as simple as that.

The form that is offered on this website is going to accomplish that in a way that will work to help the employee improve. That of course is our true goal!

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