Definition of Integrity – You Just Can't Fake It!

The definition of integrity is to do the right thing at all times!

Wow! Now that is a lot to ask from anyone!

The bigger question becomes what is the right thing? By whose standard do we measure it? After all I might not think taking a pen from work is not allowable but someone else is just fine with it. Who’s right?

So the definition of integrity must go further for us to truly understand what integrity is. What if we were to define it as;

”Living by a set of standards derived from the word of God that becomes part of a person’s core beliefs that they base every decision and action on.”

Now we are getting somewhere. We now have something to measure what is right. Not a lot of wiggle room. Although I wouldn’t agree you could define what is right differently, but the key is that you define it.

When we refer to an object having integrity we are describing something that doesn’t fail when tested. Therefore, I suppose we could say that the definition is also a person that doesn’t waver or fail under pressure.

Perhaps if the crowd wants you to go one way and you know that based on your definition of what is right you do not follow the crowd. Many politicians could apply this to their decision making process instead of caving to the pressure.

Those who coach sports have many opportunities to make good and/or bad choices that have an impact on their integrity. Perhaps it’s arguing a call by an umpire or official. Perhaps it’s playing someone over another based on whom their parents are.

The definition when it comes to business has gotten much distorted. Some make their decisions based on how much profit they are going to make. Some make their decisions based on whether it will help them get that promotion. Some will base who they are going to hire on a prejudice reason, maybe their race, age, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.

My advice to you is to let your definition of integrity be guided by God’s word and not mans. If you live by that definition you will be well respected as a leader and command the respect of your staff.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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