Customer Appreciation Letter Examples

Customer Appreciation Letter

Sending out a Customer Appreciation Letter will always pay huge dividends unless it is a form letter!

You know exactly what I’m talking about!

That letter that you basically fill in the person’s name and address and is so generic that it is almost embarrassing. In some cases either no signature or worse a stamped signature.

If you’re going to the trouble, which is no trouble at all, of sending out a customer appreciation letter then why not do it the right way so that it truly says “I appreciation your business!”

First it must be hand written or if it is not must so personal that it is very clear that it’s not a form letter.

Here's a Sample Customer Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Thomas,

It was a pleasure working with you recently on the purchase of your new 2011 Ford F250 Super Duty Truck.

What made it such fun was that you knew exactly what you wanted and were willing to take the time to insure you covered every possible option. I am so excited about the choices you made and I personally can’t wait to see the Truck arrive from the factory.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your dream! I know how you have been waiting a long time to purchase this particular truck with these options.

When it arrives I will call you immediately.

Thank you again,

Gary Bolan

Sample 2

Dear Ms. Thompson,

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to remodel your kitchen.

Of all the kitchen remodeling projects I have been involved in this was one of my absolute favorites. Your attention to detail and specific ideas even allowed me to grow in my knowledge going forward. It was fun to step outside the box and try some great new techniques that I wouldn’t have been able to without your help.

Thank you so much again, and I truly hope we have an opportunity to work together in the future!

With Gratitude,

Robert Hills

The entire point behind an Appreciation Letter is to of course express your appreciation but also to let them know how important there business is and how you want to be a part of any future job, purchase, project, etc.

At the same time you want to make the customer feel special, and not just another number. Make sure you include some part of the experience that they can associate with.

In the end it may take a couple of minutes of your time, but will be very important at some point in the future.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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