Corporate Ethics Training

Do you really need corporate ethics training?

I guess the answer to that question depends on whether or not your company wants to stay in business or not

You think that I am joking but it can be that serious!

Developing a solid ethics program in today's business and corporate environment is critical to the survival of your organization.

With the various mega corporations that have fallen in recent history due to many reasons, but certainly the question of ethics was at the forefront of everyone's list.

Therefore, if you do not have a solid ethics program I would strongly suggest that you start immediately developing a ethics training program that fits the environment that you are in.

When we are talking about ethics programs I am specifically talking about how your company deals with things like approving or denying financial transactions, how you deal with vendors, how you deal with various financial holdings, employee relations, complying with government mandated programs, and so on.

This goes beyond just having a policy but how is your ethics training program implemented so that it demonstrates that senior management stands behind the policy. Anyone from the outside looking in will be able to tell very quickly if your organization is serious about their ethics program or not.

Think for a minute about how you would feel if a program like 60 minutes or 2020 showed up to ask you some questions about your corporate ethics training program. Could you comfortably demonstrate that your senior leadership team was invested in the program? Or would they make fools of everyone.

Check out several companies since of course not all ethics training is equal! Make sure you take a look at several before deciding on the one that fits your organization best.

More items that should be included with your ethics program policy could be things like the use of company vehicles, gifts, employee relations, boundaries between management and staff, use of company property, expense accounts, travel expenses, company sponsored events, and so on.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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