Conflict in the Workplace

So learning how to handle Employee Conflict so that life can continue is a critical part of being a successful leader!

Let's talk about the most basic type of Conflict in the Workplace and that is obviously between two coworkers. It may be for any number of reasons and both will feel very justified for their behavior. They will both be convinced that they are right and the other person is wrong!

Some of their frustration will be that you are not siding up with them. This is when it becomes very difficult to be non biased. One trick many employees will try to do is get to you first since in most cases the normal individual will buy into the first story if it sounds reasonable. Don't buy into anything until you have all the facts! Be very careful to speak with them first individually and not condone or give them any impression as to how you feel about the situation. I know you are tired of hearing the term "Open Ended Questions", but ask them. Get them talking as much as possible about the situation and it will be your job to separate out the wheat from the chaff. That is the secret of handling conflict. Sorting out the truth from the slanted version of their truths.

Generally Conflict in the Workplace starts out over something very small and then begins to build into something that is bigger than life itself. It may have started out because someone didn't say thank you to them for a good deed of some kind. After they think about it for a long period of time it becomes a huge mountain over many misunderstood events.

Once you have sorted out what you believe are the facts over falsehoods it is time to get a game plan together. I would meet with them again individually and let them know what you have discovered. You must be brutally honest without being offensive. If you feel they are being unreasonable you must be able to inform them this and why you feel this way.

Ultimately Conflict in the Workplace is best solved by meeting with all parties concerned and trying to talk out the problem with some very strict ground rules. Those ground rules might include no yelling, no name calling, no interrupting the other person, etc. you must be the mediator. This is a very tough job but it is very important to get this resolved quickly and professionally.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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