Company Employee Manual

There is nothing more valuable to your small business than a company employee manual when it comes to employment issues!

Let's just list a small amount of issues that most small businesses will have;

Confusion over who is considered full time, and who is part time!

Confusion over who is eligible for vacation and sick leave and who is not!

Confusion over where you can smoke!

Confusion over how to request time off! Confusion over whether you can use company property or not!

Confusion over whether you can call home during duty time!

Confusion over how long you get for lunch!

Don't forget also that there are state and federally mandated regulatory requirements…

This doesn't account for understanding what the consequences are for certain things like insubordination, stealing, discrimination, sexual harassment, gossip, destruction of company property, falsifying a time card, and so many more things.

Your company employee manual is your key resource for ensuring that your employees know where you stand on employment issues.

Don't forget also that there are state and federally mandated regulatory requirements as well! Just to list a couple would be the Family Medical Leave Act, and the Equal Employment Opportunity regulation. Understanding that on the state and federal regulations some may depend on how many employees you have.

The FLSA, the Fair Labor Standards Act will dictate many rules that apply to your workforce. Rules such as overtime!

In this case you could be jeopardizing your personal belongings…

Ignorance is not an exception to the law as you already know. If you are found to be in violation to any policy you will be held accountable. I will give you a little tip! Being held accountable will hit you hard in your pocket book! Violating the sexual harassment policy as a business owner you may be held personally accountable, as well as, your business. In this case you could be jeopardizing your personal belongings even if you have your business under an LLC or Incorporated.

Having a progressive disciplinary program also included in your company employee manual will help identify what happens to an employee who violates your employment policies. As an example if your employee handbook states that on the first offense someone is to receive a written counseling, then a first written warning, a second written warning, and then a third and final written warning equaling termination, there should be no surprise to an employee.

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You need to substantiate this in a legal proceeding

Should you need to substantiate this in a legal proceeding you will be sitting in a pretty good position. However, please don't hide behind your employee manual if you are not treating everyone the same. This will only get you charged with discrimination!

The final and most important part of having a company employee manual is following it and treating everyone the same. That becomes very difficult sometimes since we have employees that perform great and some that don't do so well.

The key here is to make sure that when an employee is not performing well address the issue from that angle. Your company employee manual can include a section for this also, call Performance Improvement Plan. If the employee is not able to perform the task after the proper training and retraining, then you may list a procedure for this. It may mean ultimately the employee is let go.

There are many great inexpensive resources for employee handbook software. Things to consider when you are thinking about making a purchase would be if they were written by an employment attorney, if they provide automatic updates, if they are for your state, if they include many already prewritten policies, etc.

I hope that this article was helpful on a company employee manual.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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