Commercial Note Buyer

In today's market many people are looking for a good commercial note buyer.

It is a specialty that few legitimate note buyers have mastered.

Yes, many will provide you with a quote to only change it sometime down the line after the right questions have been answered. This just frustrates everyone, especially you! You end up wasting very valuable time with someone that does not have a clue!

For the most part to really get a good quote on a property many questions have to be answered, in addition to what you would normally expect. Question about what is the success of the current operation being conducted in the facility? After all if the business fails the building will have to be sold or leased which cost money and could lead to a default on the note.

May have been a potential for fraud involved...

Also what is the actual worth of the building and how was it determined?

I received an appraisal one time on a commercial property that seemed on the surface to be an accurate and valid quote. After we sorted everything out the organization doing the appraisal was associated with the current owner of the commercial note. Certainly a conflict of interest to say the least! We went one step further and conducted another appraisal and found that the appraisal they originally submitted was significantly off. So much so that there may have been a potential for fraud involved. A third appraisal was conducted and found to match closely with the second appraisal we had conducted.

That reduced the worth of the note from around $175K to only around $46K. This was a huge difference!

The person selling the note was angry at first until we helped them understand what had taken place. They accepted the lower amount gladly after they knew it was a fair and accurate price for the note. The experienced buyer of the note walked them through with a full explanation of everything.

There are so many legal issues...

Commercial notes are not for the untrained individual, and that is why I only involve the most experienced commercial note buyer that I know of.

There are so many legal issues that could become a major factor if they are not covered thoroughly prior to the closing.

If you have a commercial note, or any note, I would be happy to turn you over to a commercial note buyer that I have complete trust and confidence in to provide you with a great offer, while insuring everything remains legally correct. Remember there are many laws governing this process.

Whether this is the first note you have sold, or you are a seasoned veteran at it, we will treat you with the same respect!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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