Coaching and Mentoring

What is coaching and mentoring?

Sometimes we waste too much time on trying to define something and less time on actually doing it!

All good supervisors and leaders are doing both every single day of their career, or at least they should be.

This information is tailored around coaching mentoring an employee that is not performing up to standard; however, it can be used for any type of coaching.

This information can also be used to possibly avoid the written warning process.

First, coaching and mentoring is not a onetime event and then think everything is good.

No, it is an ongoing process that will probably never end as long as you both are employed. A properly trained supervisor or leader should be able to coach his employees to becoming more productive, efficient, cohesive, team players, and on so on!

Complete the Open Blocks to Prepare an Employee Written Warning Notice

I have been doing coaching and mentoring for my entire career. I am currently involved in my second formal mentoring program that I participate as a mentor in. This is a very rewarding process.

Think of a time when you were growing up that someone maybe a sports coach guided you through the process of hitting a baseball. Did they tell you here's a bat and point to the plate, or did they show you the fundamentals first? Maybe they showed you how to hold the bat and how to stand at the plate. They probably showed you through their personal example of how the whole process works.

Do the same for your employees no matter what the task is. Don't just bark loudly and expect good results!

Most people will respond to positive coaching, but if someone is placing themselves in danger that is another issue.

Walk them through the process as many times as it takes, within reason, for them to feel comfortable. What I have found often times is that your words are understood differently than how you meant them. Therefore, showing is always better than telling if you are able.

Invest time in you're employees through coaching and it will pay big dividends.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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