Career Management Training:
Why Is It So Hard For Us To Seek It?

Why do we continually fight ourselves when it comes to seeking career management training? We know we need it yet we blow it off! Finding career management is simple.

Managers are being squeezed more and more everyday to do more with less! For the successful manager and organization, you find that they invest in some type of leadership or management training for them!

Career Management Training

Career Management Training Gets Results

If they don't, well then you get what you get. The old saying that you get out of it what you put into it rings true!

It is a fact that highly effective managers are more productive, enjoy less stress and are more successful in their careers. They are more successful and stress free because they have invested time and resources into some type of career management training.

I wished I had the time to attend training!


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Just some of the issues facing you everyday are employee conflicts, coaching your employees, constant changes, trying to build solid productive teams, conducting meaningful performance reviews, setting realistic goals, and so on.

I went to a great management class once and when I returned I was so excited that I was telling a fellow co-worker about it. The response I received was amazing. They turned to me and said I wished I had the time to attend training! I am so far behind trying to meet my goals I don't have time to hardly take lunch!

Well the truth was that they were way behind and they were struggling to keep their head above water. The training I went to was on setting realistic goals. It helped me tremendously in so many ways and would have helped them!

I already know everything!

It was but about a year later that this manager that I mentioned earlier was let go for not being able to handle the work load. They just were not equipped to handle the tough issues facing all of us today.

They needed the training I attended and a lot more. It wasn't that they were not smart, because they were.  They just didn't take the time to learn new and productive ways to deal with all the aspects of leadership and management facing us all today.

Sometimes we think we know everything as a manager and don't need help. Then a difficult issue rears its ugly head and then there it is, we are faced with a very difficult issue brand new to us with no mental tools to deal with it. Sometimes we lose a good employee because of it. Or maybe we end up with an employee law suit.

Through my career I have taken every opportunity to attend any related training, to read books and magazines, and watch training videos. Yes some of them were close to a waste of time; however, most were not. For the most part I was able to get something, even if it was just one thing from almost all of them.

It is amazing how down the road I was able to take that little something and put it to use.

Take the time and invest yourself into learning new things, even if you already know everything!

What is a Career Management Center and how can it help you achieve your goals?

Excellent questions!

Too many times we are searching for something we have no idea of what it even is and this could be the case here! Before we run off quickly trying to find the perfect piece of our Career Management Plan let's discover what it is we're looking for in the first place.

What is Leadership?

A Career Management Training Center is an organization that provides a service for the candidate and the employer. A good Career Center will be looking out for the interests of both. Almost like a good Dating Company trying to find the best match for both parties this would be a career management training centers goal. They are not trying to put a square peg in a round hole. If the peg doesn't fit then move on to where it does fit!

So, the first mission of the career management training center is to provide a great screening system that allows for enough information to be put in so that it will find the best match for the other party. This could mean either the hiring organization or the potential candidate looking for a position. Most searches are just looking at education and/or professional background and then trying to find a match. I would challenge you that a good System would also include personalities.

I can hear you saying what does personality have to do with anything? I would respond that it has everything to do with it! Most companies have a personality whether they know it or not. Take Marriott as an example. There personality is to be a servant! If you have ever stayed in a Marriott Hotel you know exactly what I mean. Their employees want to serve you in every way possible to make your stay with them perfect! I love Marriott! Having said that if the candidate's personality does not match up with Marriott's no one is going to be happy!

A Career Management Training Center should be able to separate out the wheat from the chaff! The other issue that must be accounted for is life experiences. Many times we put all our marbles into the basket that says a person with a college degree is always more qualified than the one that doesn't have it! I would agree that odds are in the favor of making the above statement true, but not in all cases. Just like personality, life experiences are very important to the learning and skill level of individuals. As an example I was promoted to Assistant Manager of a Fast Food Restaurant at the age of sixteen. It wasn't because I got lucky I was because during my breaks and off time I volunteered to learn all the positions. My original intent was to learn only; however, it paid huge dividends.

The best advice I can give you relating to a Career Management Plan or selecting a Career Management Center is to know what you like to do! Understand what lights up your life! A Career is for a very long time and if you are not happy doing it, your life will be miserable no matter what the salary is. Don't chase the almighty dollar which in reality is nothing more than a means to provide you with survival.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!