Career Education College: Selecting The Right One

Selecting the right career education college is just as important as selecting the, career field you are going into! Don't take it too lightly!

Just so we are on the same page I am speaking about a trade or technical school and not a traditional college or university. A trade school will teach you a very specific skill, such as, auto mechanics or computer programming.

career education college

Career Education College:

However, the benefits can be just as good or better depending on whether you choose the right one!

Here are some typical questions you should be asking prior to settling on any one career education college.

What are the employment rates and starting salaries of those graduating?

As we are growing up and preparing to go to school we always envisioning ourselves as being successful in the career field we have chosen. We often don't even think about the challenge of landing our dream job that comes with a great salary and benefits.

The reality is that the job market is getting worse, not better, even with a good education from a trade school/career education college.

Therefore, let's make sure we are getting the biggest bang for our education dollar! I don't need to tell you that school is expensive and trying to pay back a school loan on unemployment is very hard!

When you ask the above question make sure that it pertains to your career field and not a combined total of all the trades they teach.

As a follow up to the above question, make sure you find out what assistance they actually give you in finding that dream job. Do they hold job fairs with the top key employers in your field? What's their relationship with these companies? How many graduates have they hired over the years? Do they ever set up internships with any of these companies while you are attending their career education college? Do they have career counselors that you can work directly with and Very similar to deciding which trade school you should attend is figuring out what type of career education loan you should take!

What is their success rate with specific companies? This is especially important if you have your sights set on a very specific employer.

In addition to the tuition what are all the other expenses?

Text books are very expensive and often times a career education college will design it so that they use a specific text book that only they sell. This is smart business but very hard on the student since the books are marked up. So that you don't think too much about it they just roll the cost of these text books right into your school loan! Most students don't give it a second thought until after they graduate and are trying to pay back those school loans!

Do they require any special equipment or tools that you must purchase from them?

Again, I hate to say it but this is just another profit center for the career education college. Again, smart- business on their part!

In the end it boils down to whether you are going to get the high quality education that will place you into a career that you will be happy working in!

The fact is that after you graduate you will likely be working for the next forty to fifty years doing something! Why not make it something that you enjoy and makes you a decent living!

Thank you and May God Bless You!