Call Center Performance Management Software

Selecting the Right Call Center Performance Management Software To Get The Most From Your Staff!

Call center performance management has progressed rapidly over recent years. The rapid growth in technology has allowed for increasingly more effective and efficient analysis and problem-solving. Whereas in the past, improvements to results relied solely on manual management, data collection, analysis and the creation of solutions, call center performance management software now allows for not only full automation of these procedures, but faster, more accurate, more detailed and more efficient results.

While the ability to use software to manage call center performance allows management more flexibility, lowers costs and increases productivity, it also provides significant benefits to the individual staff members. Performance is heavily reliant on personal motivation and drive; and the opportunity to access updates on performance in real time as well as benefit from individual, personalized automatic coaching contributes to the overall performance of each staff member.

Comparing call center performance management software involves looking at several different areas of the service. While different businesses will need different features and options, there are certain basics that will be common to all centers. The additional variations required will depend on the individual company as well as the management and staff who will be using the system.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Goal Setting And Tracking Objectives

Goal setting is an essential part of planning for success; and an effective call center management software product must allow for interactive goal setting, real-time tracking and updating, giving individuals the ability to align their goals with company objectives. Supplying staff with the facility to check their progress against their goals in real time encourages consistent peak performance; it also creates engagement and enthusiasm in the individual in addition to a higher level of concentration and focus.

Keeping goals and company objectives aligned is a major key to effective call center management; and choosing a software product that allows you to easily set and manage goals and compare them with company objectives will make management more effective and efficient. Using a management product that provides real-time updates is essential since it enables staff to keep track of their progress, which in turn will encourage a higher level of performance. Providing each staff member with the ability to monitor their progress in relation to their individual goals will help them to keep on track in real time. Using a software product that allows the ability to monitor individual goals in alignment with company objectives in real time means being able to steer performance more effectively in the moment.

Call Center Performance Management Software that includes a feature that allows for business rules to be set will provide for even more effective and consistent management. The business rules feature causes the software to automatically send alerts that are targeted to relevant staff members to help them to maintain their objectives and stay on track. This means that each staff member is individually kept updated when they need to make changes or improvements to their performance. The fact that the alerts are sent automatically in real time allows deviations from goals and objectives to be nipped in the bud and corrected immediately, providing more consistent results.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Tracking And Monitoring

When considering which call center performance management software to use it is important to take into account what information is needed in order to not only run the communication center more efficiently, but to also identify where improvements and changes need to be made. Most software will track the basics in real time; but there are additional features that provide information that can help to make management of staff performance in the call center even more efficient and effective. Choosing a software product that includes as much detailed tracking and monitoring as possible will give the company an edge.

Apart from allowing for analysis of costs and, in turn, improvements to the system that will produce a more cost-effective solution for the center, accurate real-time monitoring and tracking enables the call center management to identify areas in which each individual staff member is excelling, and where they have room for improvement. Features in the software that provide personalized, individual analysis and updates will, in addition give the individual ongoing feedback that will enable them to stay on track and correct any deviations from their goals. While some Call Center Performance Management Software provides near real-time feedback, there are products that will provide feedback in real-time – within a few seconds, which naturally provides an opportunity for more control and better efficiency.

The majority of employees are eager to perform to their best ability if they are given the correct information, guidelines and encouragement. Providing staff members with a system that gives them the ability to track their own progress in real time in relation to their goals and the company’s objectives empowers each individual to manage their own performance more effectively and efficiently. In addition to this, it provides a positive psychological effect by boosting the natural drive to improve as well as the competitive spirit. Reports on performance delivered after the event are significantly less effective in improving results.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Identifying Opportunities For Training And Improvement

Selecting Call Center Performance Management Software that allows for drilling down to all levels means a greater opportunity to identify specific challenges and areas for improvement. Drilling down to analyze the source of a particular issue can provide management with the detailed information needed in order to provide more catered training and guidance. In addition, it can assist in identifying areas in which systems need to be adjusted for greater effect. The function of drilling down in tracking and monitoring reports means that management is able to hone in on the precise area and individual that needs attention without affecting others.

The ability to identify patterns of issues in various levels gives management the opportunity to plan for training and solutions that are necessary in order to resolve those challenges. Rather than providing blanket training across the board, which can waste time and resources by including individuals who do not need that particular training, the call center manager will be able to pinpoint and arrange specific training for only those who actually need it. This can save a substantial amount of cost to the organization as well as allowing the team to continue to maintain momentum while only certain staff members are unavailable during the training.

A good quality Call Center Performance Management Software product will not only identify issues, challenges and areas needing improvement but will suggest the best solutions and automatically provide relevant individual coaching. This feature helps to cut down on time and resources as well as costs. While management will put into place their own solutions, they will have the extra benefit of additional insight and information from the software, allowing them to make the best possible decisions. The combination of accurate real-time feedback and the ability to drill down to the required details, along with the intuitive features provide call center management with everything they need in order to make significant, effective improvements to their results.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Personal Development

Science has proven that the performance results achieved by employees are greatly affected by the level of personal development of the individual. Those who are provided with the opportunity to improve their skills and abilities are far more effective and productive than those who are not exposed to personal development. While investing in the personal development of members of staff may seem to be an expense at first, the quality of the improved individual’s skills and ability to produce higher levels of performance give a high return on investment in the long run.

Call center performance management software can help to identify which staff members are in need of personal development in order to improve their performance, but also in which areas they need further training. Considering the effects of call center agents who may be competent in most areas, but are lacking in a key skill, it is essential to the success of the company that these issues are identified and solutions put in place. Good Call Center Performance Management Software will allow these issues to be identified confidentially, which will mean preserving the privacy and self-confidence of the individual involved.

Not every person is lacking the same personal skills and development; this means that the most efficient way to improve the quality of the service provided by the entire team is to identify and provide the correct personal development opportunities to the specific individuals who need it. This is not only effective in the results and productivity achieved, but also financially since funds are not being spent on members of staff who do not need that particular help in personal development. Call Center Performance Management Software can help a manager bring the team to a more balanced, empowered level by identifying precise points where adjustments are needed.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Flexibility

The best option for call center performance management software is to choose a product that allows full flexibility for the user. Management is more effective when it is possible to cater the product specifically for individual needs and requirements. Finding software that provides the option to personalize and set up the system that best suits the user will mean getting the most out of the service, and getting the best out of the call center staff.

Identifying the information that is most valuable and useful to both management and the individual staff member, and being able to set up the software to track, monitor and report on those specific details will mean more powerful results and greater improvement to the company’s bottom line. While there are general features that are common to all call center performance management software, certain products offer extra opportunities to set up the service to provide more detailed, personalized options. Choosing the software that offers the greatest amount of flexibility will allow the company to adjust and change preferences as it grows and develops. As needs change for the business, it will be possible to adapt the software accordingly.

Apart from the differences in the requirements for each company and call center team, different users will have individual preferences. Choosing a Call Center Performance Management System that is as flexible as possible will mean it can be adjusted to suit a range of different users, and will not need to be replaced in the event of a change of management. While not all features will necessarily be used initially, having these available for future use means the product will be suitable for that call center regardless of future developments. This makes the selection of a highly flexible system a better investment than catering only to current needs.

Call Center Performance Management Software - User Interface And Dashboard

Choosing a call center performance management software product that provides 360 degree dashboard view and simple graphics will help to optimize the user’s experience and performance. Software products that have highly intuitive interfaces are designed to improve results as well as being more user-friendly, and these options are more effective in providing accurate detailed service. The easier the product is to use, the better staff will perform and the smoother the transition into using the system. Clear, color coded displays and buttons are most likely to appeal to the majority of staff members, who will find the system easier to learn.

The use of widgets makes a system more user-friendly and faster to learn, reducing time and disruption for the transition. Certain additional features can make the system even more appealing and useful to individual staff members. These include the ability to provide feedback through the system on coaching received and offered through the software. Choosing a highly interactive, user-friendly option that is simple and effective to use will encourage staff to learn to use it more easily, and to get the best out of the system; and this will in turn affect the overall results achieved by the entire team.

Most products are suitable for integration with a range of different CRM systems, workforce management, outbound dialers, and inbound ACDs, and it is important to check the compatibility of any new call center performance management system with existing systems to make certain that the result is optimal. Checking to ensure that the best integration is possible with existing systems will be a significant consideration in the choice of Call Center Performance Management Software.

Call Center Performance Management Software - Incentives, Rewards And Scoring

Choosing a product that allows the user to set up the scorecard feature to individually serve staff members will mean more flexibility and options for encouraging and inspiring individual staff members according to their needs. Since different people respond differently to various incentives and rewards, the ability to set up the rewards and incentives, as well as the scoring system to suit those who are involved will allow for more effective results. Rewarding staff for exceptional performance or for reaching specific goals helps to build momentum in performance and in the increase in results achieved by the team as a whole.

Scoring features can vary from product to product, and checking that the way the scoring feature is set up and designed to run is essential in determining whether a specific call center performance management software product is suitable for a particular call center team. The ability to easily make changes to the scoring criteria and incentive schemes will help to make the process more user-friendly and adaptive in order to get the best results from all staff members.

The ability to change scoring systems and various incentives and rewards will allow the management to test different options to ascertain those that are most effective and that get the best results from the team. Setting up the optimal scoring system along with the most effective rewards and incentives can make the difference between acceptable results and exceptional success. Catering the reward system to apply to staff members as individual people will produce more powerful results; and the right call center performance management system will allow this option.

While Call Center Performance Management Software is essential for making improvements to costs, customer satisfaction and technical efficiency, considering up to 80% of call center costs are incurred by the human element, making sure that the Call Center Performance Management system is designed to improve the experience of the individual staff member will create a knock-on effect on the performance of the team as a whole, and as a result, the success of the company. A good Call Center Performance Management product will improve the whole by improving the individual.

In order to make the process of choosing the best call center performance management software for a specific call center team it is important to plan ahead. Defining the end results that are required and then working backwards by identifying the features and benefits that the system will need to provide in order to help the management and staff reach those results is the most effective way to select the best system for that specific company. Bearing in mind that one of the key benefits of using a Call Center Performance Management system is motivating and encouraging the staff members it is important to consider the system from the end user’s perspective to make sure that it provides all that is needed to achieve that goal.