How Business Performance Management Can Help Your Business!

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Today’s playing field is requiring all companies to improve and one of the best ways is to implement a business performance management plan.

Outstanding performance is the key to any successful venture. Athletes, especially professional ones, go to extreme lengths to follow a very rigid performance plan. They may call it by a different name such as daily routine or daily sets, but trust me it is an organizational performance management plan for that professional sports team.

When it comes to a business performance management plan we must approach it in the very same way. The once very popular term referred to as the KISS System (Keep It Simple Stupid) can change your whole approach to running you business. In my opinion one of the biggest problems an organization creates for them is a system that is too complicated to repeat easily. Why not create a plan that can be followed easily yet can be very effective.

Let’s assume for a moment that we are having problems marketing our business to the local public. Instead of trying to tackle the entire problem in one big bite why not use the KISS System and break the problem down. Before taking any action and wrongly calling it a business performance management plan we truly need to analyze the root causes of why we do not have customers walking through our doors to buy our products or services. I suppose we could guess! Wrong! Break your organizational performance management plan into sections that maintain the KISS System. Such as;

1. Find out who your competition is and pick a day to do customer counts. Are they better than yours?

2. If they are better what are they doing differently?

3. If you can survey the customer without drawing attention ask them why they choose that business?

4. Get your hands on a telephone list and do a telephone survey on potential customers and ask them how they choose a place to do business.

Now this is just a start but it is a plan that needs to be worked and it is simple. In most cases you will find the answer almost too simple. It could be as simple as the parking lot is convenient to get in and out of to the cleanliness of the facility. The bottom line on this example is that it will be a simple thing that may have nothing to do with your customer service or the price of your product. On the other hand it might and it may be eye opening.

Structure your business performance management plan in a way that is step by step. Like the athlete that does ten reps of one type of exercise and then changes to another, your organizational performance management plan must be structured the same way.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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