Business Letter Format Example
Approval Letter

Business Letter Format Example

A Business Letter Format Example


(Dear Mr/Ms:)

The executive committee have approved your proposal to upgrade the lighting in the south parking lot as soon as we start a new budget year.

Before work begins we need to finalize plans for rerouting traffic during the digging phase.

We have scheduled a meeting with the construction supervisor for 11:00 a.m. on August 10. We would like you to attend. Please inform Jane if this is not a good time, so we can reschedule the meeting. We want to have the new lights in before the end of October.

George Washington

Writing Software Can Provide Just the Right Type of Business Letter Format Example

As you can see writing a business letter is not that difficult. Just remember when you are writing a business letter to keep it to the point. In our busy lives we are not looking to read some long winded letter that goes on and on about nothing.

Try to make your point within the very first line. The remainder of the letter will provide the details.

You can make it very easy on yourself to when you have writers block to use an inexpensive letter writing software.

In writing a business letter format example, keep in mind that you have to make it brief and straight to the point. Never use the shortened forms of verbs, and write them as complete and separate words such as do not instead of don't. Always remember as well to maintain a formal tone and style of writing as you are addressing yourself as a professional. Your personality and level of skill will come across in this addressing, so you have make sure to go over it several times and polish it well.

Some general guidelines to follow are to use block paragraphs with no indentations. You should also include the address of the person you are directing your letter to, written at the top of your article, right below your own company address. Include the date two spaces below the former information. After two more spaces, write the salutation. Mr. for men, and Ms. for women. There are also several other salutations such as Dr. Ann Atty.

Start your addressing with your reason for writing it, or a reference reason as to why you have written. After this is to explain any request that you may have. If you plan to hold a business meeting, refer to this in a way that you are looking forward to meeting them. Be as concise as you can be.

To close the body of your addressing, restate the purpose of your writing. If there is any response that you are expecting, state it in this paragraph. Close the paragraph with a simple thank you. Finish the addressing with a salutation again such as 'Hoping for your kind consideration'.

Key in four spaces below your last sentence in the body of the addressing and type your salutation, full name and title. You may also want to include your contact details such as phone number and email address. Sign in between your salutations and name.

Remember to keep the article simple and basic. Go straight to the point, there is no need for a story-telling. The more concise you are, the less time you waste writing your letter, and them reading it. This article will also provide a business letter format example.

Good luck and may God bless you.

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