Eight Ways That the Best Life Quotes Will Get You through Tough Times

The best life quotes will take a seemingly hopeless or perhaps a negative situation and offer a ray of hope.

Sometimes, when life is tough and your situation is looking grim, there are few things that will make you feel better. Advice from family and friends often falls on deaf ears, because it is human nature to put walls up when we are feeling bad about ourselves or our lives.

However, even in those dark times, there can be one thing that shines a light into our darkness. Many times, motivational and inspirational life quotes are the only truths that our psyche will allow to penetrate.

The best life quotes proliferate because they distill a larger truth about the nature of the world, and of human existence, down into a short and pithy saying that almost anyone can relate to.

In fact, sometimes motivational life quotes are the only thing that will get you through tough situations.

Here are eight examples of times that you may need to call upon the motivating power of life-affirming quotes to brighten your perspective on life.

1) Inspirational life quotes can help you to deal with tragedy.

Everyone in this world must handle tragedy at one point or another, and all the people who have gone before us have had to handle it, as well. In a sad way, tragedy is one of the common themes that binds humanity throughout the ages, and some very eloquent people have spoken about their experiences.

By writing down quotes that resonate with you, specifically quotes about surviving dark times and tragedy, your spirit can be buoyed. Even if it is only enough of a positive injection to get you through one day - even one hour - sometimes it is the only thing that helps at all.

2) Motivational life quotes can help to keep you focused on a task or goal.

It has been said that commitment to a task is the act of honoring a vow even after the mood in which you promised it has passed. That is so much easier said than done!

One way to make sure that the passion you initially felt when you made a goal for yourself is able to be maintained for as long as possible is to constantly refer to motivational quotes which are meaningful to you.

3) The best life quotes about love can help you keep your chin up when dealing with romantic difficulties.

Is there anything, short of out and out tragedy, that can break the heart of humans quite like romantic upsets are able to do? If there is, I am not aware of it!

When pushing your way through the pain of heartache, however, one of the biggest things that makes us feel so horrible is the overwhelming sensation that no one else has ever felt as heartbroken as we do in that moment and survived to tell the tale.

Motivational quotes about love - in both its positive and negative lights - can help you to remember that you are far from alone in traveling down the path of the brokenhearted, and that you will love again one day.

4) Quotes about succeeding in business can help you see the end of the tunnel when money worries feel as if they are strangling you.

One of the biggest stresses in anyone's life is financial. Money worries can tie you up in knots. Reading quotes about managing money successfully can help you feel that you are capable of getting out of a bad financial situation, and creating stability for yourself and your family.

5) Funny quotes can sometimes make you laugh even when nothing else will.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes, when your spirits are so low that nothing in the world seems funny, humorous quotes are just about the only thing that will bring a smile to your lips.

6) If you are a religious person, sometimes Bible quotes are the only thing which will motivate you during a hard time!

If you are a person of faith, then prayer and scripture are often the best source of motivation and inspiration for you.

7) Sometimes the best life quotes are the type that speak to your unique situation, such as "life quotes for Dads", "inspirational quotes for women", "motivational quotes for teachers" or "quotes for college students."

If you are struggling with a particular situation in your life that is difficult, you can often find motivational life quotes that speak to your particular situation by searching for them directly.

8) Motivational quotes and posters about fitness can keep you steady on your diet and workout routine.

One of the biggest things that people struggle to stay on track with is their diet and exercise plans. We feel so impassioned when we set those lofty health goals, but then the stresses of life set in, as well as our lackadaisical human nature.

By writing down motivating fitness quotes, posting them around your home, and reading them out loud to yourself, you can maintain that laser-sharp focus on your health that you need to get fit.

By turning to positive life quotes in these eight situations where they can be helpful, and even more, your life can be immeasurably enriched.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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