Best Appreciation Gift Ideas

Based on my experience the best appreciation gift ideas are those that the employee can take home and share with their family.

This gives them a chance to show off to them, and let's their family know that the employee is respected at work.

Give some examples of normal tasks that you give to any of your staff members, that you may normally do yourself?

I can remember the first time I received a gift delivered right to my house. It happened to be a fruit basket. My wife called me at work and just couldn't believe what a beautiful gift they sent. She was so proud of me and my job!

Since then I have always considered this when trying to pick out a gift for my staff.

I was blessed to receive cookies!

Now I don't always think about sending fruit baskets, but I do think about what a family would like to get versus something just for the individual. Although there are times I only consider the individual also, but generally not for appreciation gifts.

Gift cards are another great gift that can include the whole family. Especially if they are for a restaurant!

How much you spend totally depends on the situation. A good starting point is at least $25, but I like between $50 and $100.

Another one of the best gift ideas I was blessed to receive cookies! Who doesn't like cookies? Yes, another one of those gifts you can share. When they are sharing they will always be asked where did you get these, and you know what they get to say. My boss or job sent them to me! The word will spread that you are a great employer!

Larger face value than they will actually cost!

These types of gifts are good for any time of the year!

I have included a few vendors that offer everything from discounted gift cards that have a larger face value than they will actually cost you, and other various vendors that I'm sure you will love.

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