Are You An Assertive and Successful Leader?

People often make the mistake of being assertive as rudeness—being loud and obnoxious or being aggressive.

Being Assertive Is a Leadership Quality

As mentioned above, assertiveness isn’t about being rude, loud, arrogant or even disrespectful.

In direct contrast, it’s all about showcasing direct, honest expressions of your feelings and needs. Assertiveness is different from aggression, i.e. this quality doesn’t hurt another person or violates their rights.

Being Assertive vs. Being Aggressive

Assertiveness is a leadership quality but not all leaders are assertive. It is the same as ‘not all bosses can be leaders’.

Assertive leaders are forever looking to equalize balance of power that is between them and the employee. An assertive leader will not focus on ‘winning the fight’, when it means degrading, humiliating or hurting those lower in the corporate hierarchy.

Success follows right behind assertive leaders because these individuals look at correction and negotiation as their primary tools of management.

So, do you think you are an assertive leader? Assertive leaders can:

Connect and Communicate Easily With Everyone

Imagine a highly assertive leader in the world of politics or technology and you will be presented with the image of a steamroller, pushing onwards without their horn blaring. These gigantic, high powered machines simply smash everything that comes in their path.

Now an assertive and successful leader will follow through with the same exercise but take care of the ones affected by the changes. An assertive and successful leader will communicate with people working at all levels of the organization, gathering their input and listening to grievances.

Offer Honest Feedback That Really Helps

Every manager and boss knows how to give feedback, but how much of this exercise really helps employees?

Feedback that doesn’t bring positive or desired change to an employee’s work is useless. Perhaps you should focus on the delivery of all feedback, i.e. even negative feedback can be relayed in a positive and constructive manner.

All our research indicates giving feedback can feature highly positive or negative outcomes—depending on the way it has been delivered.

Able To Resolve Team Conflict

You will never hear ‘my way or the highway’ from an assertive leader. This is an incredibly damaging phrase that is often uttered by forceful leaders when they want cooperation of every person on their team.

It’s not an excellent way to resolve interpersonal conflicts; in fact, the situation may get thorny in the office. A peace keeping assertive leader, on the other hand, listens to issues at hand thoroughly and works at finding a fair and reasonable solution.

An assertive and successful leader tries to find solutions that satisfy all parties while moving the interests of the company forward!

Assertive leadership can be peacekeeping or driving. It’s up to you to decide which course of action to take, at which point of your career. Think of others who depend on your decisions, your employees and the company. You can do it! For more help on how to be a good leader in your company, visit Leadership Skills for Life!