Appreciation Letter to Employee
An Acknowledgement of Good Work

Appreciation Letter to Employee

An appreciation letter to employee is a letter of acknowledgment to individual employees from their managers or executives for any special efforts made by them in the course of their work. Although many companies and managers do not have a policy of acknowledging good work carried out by an individual, such letters of appreciation can reap rich rewards.

Dear Mr. John D. Doe

I just wanted to express how much your hard work on the Big Deal Project means to me and our organization. The amount of time you invested in this project paid big dividends and made it possible to provide over a hundred new jobs for our community.

Your continued dedication to excellence is unsurpassed and has become such a great example to our incredible workforce. On several occasions I have heard positive feedback from your coworkers informing me of how proud they are to work with you.

Thank you again and please know that we appreciate you very much!


Robert T. Williams

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An Appreciation Letter to Employee Should Define the Reasons

If a manager takes the view that employees should not be given a pat on the back for making an extra effort in their work because they are simply 'doing their job', then that is what they will generally tend to get. Employees will simply 'do their job'. This happens every day in many companies that fail to acknowledge employees that go that extra mile for the benefit of the company.

An Appreciation Letter to Employee: Why should they, if nobody says 'thanks'?

Faults will be let go because 'it is not my job' to detect them. Managers will avoid unpaid overtime rather than stay on the clock until they have cracked a problem in time to meet a deadline. Why should they, if nobody says 'thanks'?

Appreciation Letter to Employee

Sometimes the appreciation is passed on verbally - from a CEO to manager, or a manager to another employee (managers are employees too), but nothing is given in writing. While this is better than nothing, people like acknowledgments for a job well done to be in writing; to be seen by others and placed in their personnel file so that it is a lasting recognition rather than the ephemeral acknowledgment of a verbal thanks.

An Appreciation Letter to Employee: Impersonal Letters Are Poor Motivators

The best that some businesses can do is to have a standard letter in which the recipient's name has obviously been printed or typed, with a photocopied or printed version of the sender's signature. Not even personally signed! How motivational is that?

Any good manager should know that employees like to be regarded as individuals, and if they receive a letter of appreciation intended only for them then they expect it be written just for them and personally signed by the sender. Anything less is unacceptable. So why do some businesses do this when they would be better doing nothing at all than demean a personal effort made by an individual employee in this way?

One reason for this, and often why a written appreciation letter to employee is not offered at all, is that the manager or executive does not have the time to figure what to write, let alone write it. A second is that, in many cases, they do not even have the knowledge required to write an appreciation letter. Not all executives reach their position for their literary talents!

An Appreciation Letter to Employee: Letter Template Software Makes it Easy

Well here's some news for you: you can use letter template software to do the job for you. A template system such as WriteExpress provides you with thousands of templates for all forms of business communication where all you need do is enter the recipient's name. Such templates include large numbers of introductions, first sentences, elaborations and then concluding sentences from which any appropriate circumstance for an 'appreciation letter to employee' can be created by clicking.

"I want to commend you for…"

"I would like to thank you for…" or simply "Thank you for your …"

"I greatly appreciate. . ."

These are examples of potential openings to your letter of appreciation, and the templates offer many more to meet every circumstance. The sentences to follow that introduction are also there, and you simply choose the most appropriate - and so on until your letter is complete. There is no need for an appreciation letter to employee to be an generic standard letter for everybody. You can do better than that - don't those employees that put in extra effort for you deserve you to do the same for them? Or do you just accept the benefit of their efforts without comment because 'it's their job?'

An Appreciation Letter to Employee: Everybody Benefits

Maybe you don't understand the benefits to your business by writing letters of acknowledgment to people that expend extra effort in helping you or the company to complete projects and meet budgets. People who feel appreciated for what they do will go that extra mile, they will work later unpaid. Most successful businesses know that and their employees know that.

So don't be worried about writing such letters - some managers feel self-conscious when they try to compose a letter of thanks to their employees. There is software available that enables you simply to click the phrase you feel appropriate, perhaps make slight changes to suit the circumstances. All you need do is add the employee's name and in literally just a minute or two, you have an appreciation letter to employee that will make them feel valued and that their extra effort is worthwhile - personally and for their standing in the company.

Don't Hold Back When It Comes to Appreciating Your Employees

Whether it is a appreciation letter to an employee or going all out on an employee celebration your time and money will not be wasted.

One of the most stated reasons an employee will leave a company is because they don't feel appreciated. Were not talking about poor performing employee's. Were talking about employee's that make companies successful!

When you think about how much it cost to recruit and train a new employee versus the cost of writing an appreciation letter to an employee there simply is no comparison. Then we add to that equation that we have no idea whether the new employee will perform as well or even close you can't put a price tag on it.

Take the time to appreciate your employee's and everyone will benefit. They certainly deserve it and so do you!

May God Bless You!

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