Annual Employee Reviews Will Increase Productivity

annual employee reviews

Writing effective annual employee reviews does not have to be that difficult provided you break it down into sections and approach it from an objective and not subject view point.  Get free software below that I personally wrote.

One of the biggest mistakes supervisors make today is not defining what the performance standards are from the very beginning. Instead they wait until the year is over and then scramble to try and decide what or how they are going to rate their employees.

annual employee reviews

Using Annual Employee Reviews To Reward and Improve Performance

Let’s take a look at some examples you could use on almost any type of position in the work place today. So what are some common performance standards? How about safety? How about customer service? Remember customer service can mean many things and not just actual customers walking through the front door. Customer service could mean another department that requires product or service from your department.

When it comes to safety it can be broken down into a couple of different performance standards, such as, accidents or unsafe acts. Of course you can stretch it into a number of others but for this example let’s just use these two. A performance standard could be written something like the following.

Employees that have an accident as a result of an unsafe act will be rated less than fully successful in the area of safety. Employees that are witnessed performing more than X number of unsafe acts by their supervisor or other company official will be rated less than fully successful in the area of safety. You can substitute the X with any number from one to whatever you decide. Some unsafe acts are more serious than others so again you must be creative and very definitive.

Annual employee reviews are very important for a number of reasons. First and foremost employee’s truly want to receive feedback from their supervisor. Secondly if an employee is not performing well a performance review is designed to insure they are made aware of that fact and hopefully improve their performance. Thirdly a performance review can act as a way to select employees for promotion and/or special privileges like training.

The final reason for performing employee annual reviews is that it adds structure and professionalism to your organization. Your staff will know that you take their contributions seriously and you appreciate them. Of course no employee wants to sit down to a performance review that beats them up, and in very few cases it should be used for that purpose. In fact if an employee is performing poorly their performance should be addressed immediately and not wait until that one time a year you conduct annual employee reviews. Your organization can’t afford to wait until them.

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