Accounting Employment Agencies: What Should You Expect?

Accounting employment agencies are a great way to hone in on your very specific type of skills. After all, looking for a job is not very easy, especially if you are not sure of where all of the great positions are. Of course, this is why many people rely on accounting employment agencies to guide them. While this is a solid option that should definitely be considered, you do not want to depend on the wrong agency. The advice here will give you a good idea of what you should come to expect.

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Accounting Employment Agencies: Solid Leadas

One thing that separates great accounting employment agencies from the rest is the availability of actual jobs. There are many agencies that claim to have numerous great opportunities, yet they are nowhere to be found once people sign up and express interest. A great agency will only advertise positions that actually exist.

Working through an agency is often a bad thing because you get paid less than you would if you were working directly with a company. Sometimes the lower pay is offset by a great benefits package. There are agencies that offer everything from 401(k) accounts to health insurance. Offering contractors benefits lets you know that they sincerely care about helping you, and they are not only worried about the bottom line.


This is one thing that definitely separates some accounting employment agencies from others. Everyone is not out there looking for the same type of position and a great agency will have a good variety. Whether you are seeking temporary, contract or direct-hire positions, they should all be available.

Great Customer Service

You should expect good customer service from any company you have to deal with, but this is extremely important in this case. The recruiters you entrust to find you a job will be working with you closely, and this is not easy to do when someone is particularly difficult. While everyone has their down side, you should be concerned if they are hard to deal with more often than not.

Relevant Positions

When you are seeking accounting positions, it can be frustrating for agencies to offer you things that are not relevant at all. For example, if you are seeking a junior accountant position, it is not appropriate to be offered a job working in the mailroom. While some agencies see this as a way to get you working as soon as possible, it is somewhat insulting and takes away from the fact that you are looking for something targeted.

Resume Help

Unfortunately, even if you have the skills to qualify for a great position, you may have a hard time getting them down on paper. If you have a resume that is somewhat scatter-brained and all over the place, it will be hard for an employer to take you seriously. If you are working with a great agency, they will take one look at this and show you ways that it can be improved. Again, this shows that they are sincere when it comes to helping you find work.

As was mentioned earlier, looking for a job is not easy. If you find an agency that meets all of the requirements above, they will be able to help you find a solid position.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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