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Quotes about Leadership
June 15, 2013

It would be tough for a leader to motivate others if they do not have a level higher in motivation themselves. Everyone at times finds themselves in the dumps not matter how motive they may be by nature. Using new inspiration can be just a click away. Using the internet can be easy to find the inspiration you are looking for. There are also books that quote leadership that can be bought online or from a bookstore. Look in the sections labeled "motivational".

Examining quotes about leadership can remind you of all the possibilities there are in the world. Thinking and meditating on words from those who have achieved much can give you the thoughts of those who are winners and motivate you to think positively. You can then use them to motivate others to try harder and to think bigger. We all need the reminders from time to time. Here are some modern achievers you can learn from.


Donald Trump is the head of a boardroom that is world famous. He brought being a real estate developer to a celebrity status. The Trump name is now on residential, hotel and commercial properties in places all around the world. It is also in men’s clothing, luggage, a travel website, steaks, and on vodka. He does not mind stating his opinions about business, leadership, and life. Quotes from this multi-billionaire can motivate you and others to achieve by giving insight into his perspective. The internet is full of his quotes on leadership and motivation that might help you in motivating others.


Another source of quotes about leadership comes from the NBA basketball coach Pat Riley. While he not known for being the most loved basketball coach, he is known for his motivational skills. The fact that he led six teams win championship titles in the NBA proves that. Some of the quotes that are available from different sources can definitely help you in motivating a team or a group of employees.


Andrew Carnegie is known as the “Captain of Industry”. His quotes about leadership made over a century ago, is still pertinent for business leader today. Not only did he grow a $300 billion dollar fortune, making him the second richest person known in modern history, but his philanthropic work still lives on bearing his name. Because of his success, his thoughts and opinions can be a great source of motivation for those who are feeling less than motivated about their own achievements.


Mario Andretti may seem like a strange choice for motivational quotes, however his success and achievements in American auto racing has made him one of the most inspirational men in history. His determination comes across in the advice he gives to others.

Other sources of good quotes about leadership can come from those who are successful in the area you are in. Teaching quotes, Nursing Quotes are just an example. General motivational quotes are good for moral but being specific can bring a greater feeling of excitement. Think about who you are trying to motivate. Is it an individual or a group? Women and men respond differently to quotes that are gender specific, so be careful in choosing them.

You can easily find quotes about leadership by doing a specific search on an individual. If you don't have a particular person in mind, do a general search on leadership quotes. Use terms specific such as "team motivational quotes" or "motivational quotes for children" to narrow down quotes to what you are looking for.

Some people will tell you that no one can motivate you except you. Experts in many fields argue the point that true success and motivation only come from within ourselves. That is more than likely, true. However, an external force can trigger our internal force. All of the successful leaders mentioned here, and many others, expressed beliefs that they not only thought were possible, but they believed these were necessary for success. If you are responsible for guiding a group or team, you can certainly find help in reading quotes about leadership from the most famous leaders in history. These quotes not only motivate you as the leader, but in turn builds confidence in those you are leading.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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