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Get a Little Inspiration from Famous Leadership Quotes
June 10, 2013

There are some terrific and famous leadership quotes to arouse, motivate and inspire you. Some are about great leaders, some are by great leaders and some of them are just for fun!

Here are a few of my favorite famous leadership quotes, although strictly speaking a “quote” is word for word, these may not be but I don’t suppose that they are very far off.

Benjamin Disraeli arguably one of the world’s greatest leaders famously said – “I should follow the people because I am their leader am I not?” There’s a great lesson to be learned from that quote.

General George Patton had his own take on leadership when he famously said – “You can lead me, you can follow me or you can get out of my way!” No wonder he was known for being no nonsense George.

Aristotle was responsible for one of my all time favorite famous leadership quotes when he said – “He who never learned how to obey cannot possibly be a good commander.”

John C Maxwell has a rather simple view on leadership when he said – “Leadership equals influence” , a sentiment which is certainly very true.

Napoleon Bonaparte was another great historical leader with his own ideas about leadership. He also knew a thing or two about the art of delegation. He famously said – “Whenever I give an order to a minister it is up to him to discover the means of how to carry it out.” He certainly believed in telling you what to do but not necessarily how to do it.

A little nearer to our time Andrew Carnegie wisely said – “A man cannot make a great leader who wants to do everything himself, or who wants to get all of the credit for doing that thing.”

John Quincy Adams was responsible for these wise and inspirational words - “If what you do inspires other men to dream more, to do more, to learn more and to become more then you are truly a leader.”

Nobody ever said being a great leader was easy as these words by John C Maxwell prove. “Leaders must be near enough to others to relate to them yet far enough ahead of others to be able to motivate them.”

Bill Bradley strong believed that leadership is the art of unlocking the potential of people for them to become better.

General Douglas McArthur had a very good point when he said, “You must never give out an order which cannot be obeyed.” I wonder if Napoleon Bonaparte had thought of that!

An old Chinese Proverb informs us that, “It is not the cry of the wild duck which leads the flock to follow and fly, but the flight of the wild duck which does so.”

Let’s finish with possibly one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen, Abraham Lincoln, who said quite simply, “Whatever you are make sure that you are good at it.”

I hope that these famous leadership quotes have helped to inspire you in some small way!

Thank you and May God bless you!

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