Gregory Covey

Gregory Covey began his career early at the age of only sixteen years old. After taking on a cook’s job for a fast food restaurant he was very eager to learn every aspect of the business. Whenever he had an opportunity he was asking questions of the manager and assistant manager. He asked to help on his own time to conduct inventory and learn the importance of food costs. He often would catch up on his own tasks and then offer to assist the counter staff. It wasn’t long before he was assisting with closing out the business at night. He had only been there six months and when the manager left and the assistant manager was promoted to manager Gregory Covey was promoted to assistant manager. He was only seventeen at the time.

A few months later Gregory volunteered for the United States Marine Corps. He graduated from boot camp just three days before his eighteenth birthday. He held the responsibility of squad leader throughout boot camp and graduated in the top ten percent of his class. As a result he received his first stripe immediately upon graduation. He was assigned to attend training in the Communication Center Course in Twenty-nine Palms California. He was given the responsibility of squad leader during his training which made him responsible for twelve Marines.

Gregory Covey spent twelve years in the Marine Corps and throughout his career he was put in charge of other Marines and held positions that quickly helped him and exposed him in the field of leadership and management. His final assignment was as Operations Chief in Brooklyn New York where he received a Navy Achievement Medal upon his voluntary honorable discharge.

After he left the Marine Corps Gregory Covey and his wife purchased and operated a restaurant and gas station in South Dakota. This was a great opportunity to show Gregory’s experience in reopening a failed business and then turn it around and sell it four months later for a profit.

From South Dakota Gregory and his wife moved to Southern California and went to work for Marriott International. During his twelve years with Marriott International Gregory held the positions of Food Service Manager, Human Resources Director, and General Manager. While working for Marriott Gregory and his wife owned and operated a Janitorial Cleaning business with several accounts and had several employees working for them. This is just one of many private ventures that Gregory Covey owned and operated in addition to working full time. Not all were successful but taught Gregory valuable lessons.

Finally Gregory went to work with the Federal Government which he loves very much. This position has allowed Gregory to count his twelve years with the United States Marine Corps toward his retirement. He has held the title of Housekeeping Chief overseeing the responsibility of two hospitals and the staff in the Housekeeping Department, Laundry Plant, Interior Design, and Pest Control.

Gregory Covey has created Leadership Skills for Life to pass his experience onto as many as possible.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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