90 Day Employee Review

Performing a 90 day employee review is a critical part of insuring you are assessing all new employees properly so that you get them off on the right foot. For me during the first few weeks and months of employment I am assessing work habits more than I am the actual performance. This becomes a part of the 90 day employee review.

So what are work habits? Work habits are those inbred habits that a person carries with them from a very young age. Some will say that they are taught by parents, and some will say that a person is born with them. In short I sum it up with the inner drive a person has to not only do the very best job they are capable of doing, but to do it with pride. The pride is the key factor. In other words they care about what they do and/or produce. This makes all the difference in the world.

Why perform a 90 day employee review? Because, the first few months of an employee’s career are critical; therefore, it places that much more importance on conducting a review to insure they are on the right track for success.

Typically this is considered the honeymoon period. Most people are on their very best behavior during this time. Notice I used the word behavior and not performance. When it comes to performance most individuals will be putting in their very best efforts to try and impress you and their fellow coworkers.

Why Give a 90 Day Employee Review

In most cases we can teach people how to do something but we generally can’t change their work habits. The 90 day employee review is a great tool to identify whether someone has those good work habits or not.

So let’s take a look at those behaviors that I believe establish that someone has good work habits.

Do they show up on time and ready to work? This goes beyond just being there on time. How do they dress or wear their uniform. You know what I’m talking about. If they don’t care now if their uniform is clean and worn appropriately how do you think they will wear it a year from now? Do they present themselves in a way that represents your company well? As far as showing up on time this means are they in an upbeat mood or dragging themselves in. In other words are they eager to get started or do they look like they are dreading it. Because this is a huge sign to me about work habits it becomes a huge part of their 90 day employee review.

Another strong sign about work habits is how a new employee treats a break or lunch period. Do they begin the break early and come back from it late, even if it is just a few minutes. Or are they punctual or even better ready to go before their break or lunch is over. It isn’t about putting in the extra couple of minutes it’s about the new employee’s mind frame. Some that is early to go and late returning is screaming out that they don’t care about the company and they are a bit dishonest. They are selfish! An employee that treats a break or lunch with respect tells me that they care and are honest! I want people that care and that are honest. Therefore, this is incorporated into my 90 day employee review process.

Finally let’s talk about their actual performance. How are they treating any type of company property whether it’s a telephone, computer, automobile, or heavy machinery? Are they treating it with respect? This will be an indication of how they feel about the company. If they have a position that allows them to use a telephone and computer are they using it for company business only? If they are assigned a company vehicle do they keep it clean on the inside and out? Do they keep their work area clean? What do they do when they have an extra minute or two of time? These are all important to include on your 90 day review.

That first 90 days is so important to understanding who your new employee is and whether they should be a part of your future. I am a strong believer in at least a 90 day probationary period. Incorporate this right into the 90 day employee review process. The most ideal situation would be a six month probationary period with a 90 day review in between with an understanding that the employee can be released at any point during that time if they are not a good fit for your company.

Thank you and May God bless you!