What Makes a Good Leader?


What makes a good leader?

Let’s start with Integrity!

Integrity goes much further than just being honest!

Integrity means doing the right thing no matter what the consequences.

That is what makes a good leader!

There are many others, but integrity is the foundation for the others!

As an example, fairness is a key element for being a good leader!

Being fair is sometimes a tough thing to do when a favorite employee is consistently late and your policy states that they should be counseled.

Human nature cries out to give them another chance since they are a top performer!

Integrity, on the other hand, tells you that the right thing is to treat them according to your policy like you would any other employee that breaks the rule! That is what makes a leader even though it’s hard!

Balancing the needs of the employee, customer, and the company is another key element of what makes a good leader!

That also will require a great deal of integrity!

So let’s examine what it means to balance the needs of the employee, customer, and company.

If you provide way above average wages and benefits to all your employees, while providing a lower quality product to your customer and minimum profits to the company, it is just a matter of time before the company will fail and everyone loses!

If you provide a fantastic product at a lower than average price to your customer, while providing a sub minimum wage to your employees and no profit to the company, again it is a matter of time before the business fails.

And finally if you provide great profits to the company, while providing sub minimum wages to your employees and a poor quality product at an above average price to your customer, the same result will take place.

The bottom line is that you must balance all three needs and that is sometimes very hard to do as a leader!

Again, it all boils down to integrity!

Without it, you may find yourself doing well for a while but eventually you will begin to fail!

Without the foundation that integrity gives you, it will all crumble around you at some point!

Another factor of what makes a good leader is standing up for, and behind your employees!

There are many times during my career that someone under my leadership was put into a position that required me to stand up for them when they were being ridiculed or accused of something that they were not responsible for doing!

It might have been when a customer wrote a letter to senior management falsely accusing them!

Integrity means stepping up and standing up to senior management!

Being a leader means that you must put your employee above your own personal ambitions. In the above example you may feel like the easy thing to do is agree with senior management, but that does not involve integrity!

So these are some of the things of what makes a good leader!

There are many more that you will find on my website. I hope that you enjoy reading the numerous other articles I have written on the subject!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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