What Is Schizophrenia?

What is schizophrenia?

I can only give you a personal view of what it is from my son who has been living with schizophrenia for almost five years now!

For the most part it is hearing and reacting to voices in his head! Many times in the past he believes that someone has put him under some kind of mind control. In fact early on he was certain that the medication was for that exact purpose.

When he went into the inpatient mental health facility for the second time he was given a choice to either stay at the facility or being taking an injection every thirty days that replaced taking his daily mediation.

While there he agreed to it. In fact he would have agreed to anything to get out of there. Once out it was horrific trying to get him to take the injection. He was certain that it was going to kill him immediately. The voices in his mind were telling him exactly that! Once he finally did take the injection he broke out into tears from relief that he didn’t die.

So what is schizophrenia? It is hell on earth for those with it at least as bad as my son has it! For those living with schizophrenia or should I say the loved ones living with them it is no picnic either. In fact our whole life will be dedicated to making sure he does nothing to harm himself or place himself into a situation where he will be arrested. Trust me that is a full time mission!

What is schizophrenia? It is hearing unreasonable voices telling you things that are not remotely true. It is caring on conversations with voices in your mind that seem as real to you as if you were speaking to someone in person.

It is feeling trapped within your own mind with no way out! That is much of the reason why many with the disabling disease abuse either drugs or alcohol. He does his best to abuse both but since we control his finances he is very limited in resources to buy anything.

What is schizophrenia? It is calling 911 because one of the voices in your head is telling you that they are going to kill you! This has happened to my son. He in fact did call 911 when one of the female voices in his mind told him that she was going to kill him. It was so real to him that he called 911. Unfortunately the call ended him up in the locked ward of the mental health hospital! This then escalated his paranoia about any professionals being helpful.

He has stated he would rather go to prison than to the locked ward of the mental health hospital. He believes he was forcibly raped by the mental health staff at the hospital he went to earlier in his life. There was absolutely no evidence of this but to him it was real! Can you imagine living like this!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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