Does the Types of Schizophrenia Really Matter?

I’m certain there are many types of schizophrenia but based on my real life experience with my son I only know that the one he has is hell! As a twenty four year old my son lives each day battling, laughing, crying, and all the other emotions that people have living with the demons within his own head.

When your adult child comes to you and tells you that you are only an illusion and really don’t exist it does something to you that I just can’t explain. When you try to reason with him he goes in and out of reality. One minute he is our son and the next he is having a conversation with someone in his mind.

How real are those delusions in his mind?

This I hope will give you just a taste of what he lives with everyday of his life even on medication, which he is on some pretty heavy stuff.

One day while my wife and I were at the ball park watching our daughter play in a softball tournament we receive a telephone call from the police on my cellular telephone. The policeman begins to ask me if a I have son and provides his name to me. I nervously tell him yes expecting the very worst of the worst to follow, such as he was involved in an accident.

Instead he tells me that my son had called 911 and told them that someone was trying to assassinate him. When the police arrived they found only him trying to explain to the police officer that a female was in the area trying to kill him. This was very real to him but the police officer could tell that he was mentally ill almost immediately.

The person trying to kill him was one of the female voices in his head.

I can’t imagine having to deal with this every day of my life. I my opinion I don’t care what type of schizophrenia he has! I only want a cure for it!

He lives with us now and will continue to do so for most likely the rest of his life. Many people ask me what will happen to him when you die! I can only tell them that once I die I can’t do anything about it any longer. I will trust God to provide that answer.

As this relates to good leadership skills I can only say that sometimes it really doesn’t matter having a name for something you are facing when it doesn’t change the facts. Therefore, knowing the types of schizophrenia disorders does not change what my son deals with every single day.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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