Examining The Trait Theory of Leadership

Just so that you understand my position I belief that leaders are born and not made! I hope to substantiate my position within this writing.

Since the beginning of time certain individuals have stepped out and without any formal training or education have become legendary leaders. This was not a matter of dumb luck or circumstance. These individuals had something that separated them from everyone else.

Please understand I am not speaking of Kings who passed their kingdoms down from one family member to the next. No, in fact many of these individuals were not leaders at all. They were in those positions of leadership because of a birth right and nothing else. In most cases if one kingdom took over another kingdom the losing party’s King and their families would be executed.

The trait theory of leadership, which I believe in, speaks to traits that a person is born with. Leadership traits such as; outgoing, high energy, charisma, confidence, self-awareness, courage, good communicator, open-minded, enthusiastic, and many more. Having these traits or others does not by itself mean that someone is or will be a good or great leader. However, not having many of these traits does reduce significantly the chances of someone being a good leader.

Let’s face it there are many people out there that regardless of how many leadership classes they take will not become good leaders. They just don’t have what it takes within themselves. As an example great athletes are born and then refined. Great leaders are born and then based on life experiences and training becomes better at their skill.

Looking at it from a more basic sense gold is gold. However, gold can become a ring, necklace, pendant, statue, or anything else you shape it into. However, silver will never become gold no matter what you do to it. You could shape it into a ring but it is still a silver ring and not gold.

Now there are many individuals out there that claim to be good leaders but the trait theory of leadership would deny that they are leaders at all. Just because you are put in charge of others does not make you a good leader. It just makes you the person in charge. How those people respond to you makes you a leader or not.

There are so many leadership classes on the market today and hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, have attended them. If it were possible to make leaders the world would be filled with them. You be the judge if the world is filled with leaders or not!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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