Teacher Appreciation Week - Some Great Ideas on How to Celebrate It!

Teachers shape and mold our youth - one very important job!

Teacher appreciation week is one of those events in May that is set aside for celebrating those special individuals that shape and mold our youth!

Their jobs are sometimes very unappreciated for what they are asked to do. Day after day and week after week they are asked to impart knowledge in a way that our children will learn and retain it.

So what are some ways that we can show that well deserved appreciation?

Understanding that we must be reasonable about the amount we spend so that no one is going to question the intent behind the gift. Anything over $20 or $25 dollars in my opinion would be too much!

With that in mind you may consider a personalized coffee cup or drink cup of some kind. Maybe have something inscribed on it that expresses your appreciation. A gift like this can be purchased for much less than $25 yet will be meaningful to them.

You Can Always Go With the Old Favorite!

Another gift idea would be an inexpensive pen and pencil set again with something inscribed on the box that shows your appreciation. You say “To my favorite 6th Grade teacher!” You should always include the month and year!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Depending on the school rules there is always the old favorite which is baked goods. How can anyone resist homemade items like cookies or cakes? Make sure your child has something to do with making them though. Along with this you could have your child make a homemade card with something special written on it.

How About a Personalized Poem by Your Child?

Finally you may consider a poem written by your child. Of course if your child is talented at writing poems make sure you place it on a special plaque or fancy paper of some kind.

Again, teacher appreciation week celebrated every May is your one chance a year to really show your appreciation for your child’s teacher. It isn’t about the cost of the gift it is about the meaning behind it!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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